Attention Grabbing Speech Openings Which Convert Into A 7-Figure Income

Attention Grabbing Speech Openings

Speech openers can help you grab your audience’s attention with impact and set the tone of your presentation. You should know how to take the stage properly in order to maximize your chance of success. This can have a major effect on your income so they’re more likely to become customers or clients.  In this […]

How To Empower Women: 10 Empowerment Ideas That Work

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From a young age, women have learned to function within masculine paradigms to achieve success. While women’s empowerment is not a totally new concept, the school of ideas is evolving. Find out fresh new ways to empower women within your organization here. Get Business Mentorship Everybody knows that the paradigms for strong corporate leadership are […]

What Is Business Communication and How Can You Use It Effectively?

The Importance of Business Communications in the Workplace

What comes to mind when you think of effective communication? If empathy, confidence, great listening skills, and clarity all make the list, you might already be well on your way to master effective business communication — and you haven’t even started your journey yet! As more and more employees are choosing to work remotely and […]

Women Owned Business in Texas You Need to Support

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The lone star state is fast becoming an entrepreneurial gateway for women business owners across the US. Austin city provides a hub for women to grow their companies and impact the future of female driven leadership. Across the state, women owned businesses are changing the playing field by growing their business enterprises and advocating for […]

Female Entrepreneurs in Austin Who are Crushing It (And How They Got There)

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Business opportunities are booming for Austin’s female entrepreneurs. The state has been ranked (repeatedly) as the best in the nation for startup businesses. A favorable tax structure, a youthful population and an emphasis on sharing (as opposed to competing) are just a few reasons why Austin now outranks Silicon Valley as the top American city […]

Why Women Have A Higher Glass Ceiling As Public Speakers

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Statistically, there are more men on the stage giving public speeches than women, which leads people to think that men are better public speakers.  On the contrary, though, women are better at public speaking for various reasons. We’re not saying all men are bad at public speaking, far from it.  But women possess some powers […]

5 Offline Marketing Strategies Which Work & How Speaking is The Key

Offline marketing connects you with clients in real life

“YOU NEED TO BE MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE!!!” How many ‘gurus’ have shoved this modern marketing trope in your face… this week? As a business owner, you’re constantly bombarded with Facebook ads claiming, “With these online marketing secrets, you can make millions, like me!” We know, because we get those same ads too.  And we […]