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We help you unleash your authentic Feminine Power that allows you to step onto the path of self mastery and own your authority.

We help you unleash the authentic Feminine Power that allows you to step onto the path of self-mastery and own your authority. At Big Impact HQ, we provide business coaching services for women who understand their feminine power but need help tapping into the unlimited source of female energy that can help them run their business.

Our executive business coaching is designed to help women leaders empower their employees and create a strong, adaptive, and conscious lead team. Our business coaching services help transform women leaders through personal transformation and change. We can help you unleash the inner leader that your soul is craving.

Our executive business coaching starts with a leadership assessment that analyzes all of the key stakeholders within your organization to provide a plan for success and implementation. We provide women leaders with a development and leadership plan based on our findings in the assessment. Our conscious leadership initiatives help powerful women lead with love, act with integrity, and develop a team of conscious employees.

Our small business coach can help female business owners transform their amazing project into a 6-figure business. Have you ever wondered what is missing from your business plan? Maybe you know the one thing that is missing, but you are having trouble making action points. Our small business coach can help you resolve these issues and develop a conscious leadership plan that promotes corporate sustainability.

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    Feminine Influence for A New Earth

    Expand your awareness of Conscious Leadership so that you can serve as an example of wisdom that arrives when you stop leading like a man and unleash your feminine influence.


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