BigImpactHQ Services for Business Women

The last thing you need is another coaching program… what you need is a DISRUPTION!

At BigImpactHQ™ we have no problem calling bullshit… And we do so often.

So – if you already know it… or are unable to take direct and honest feedback… We’re probably not the mentor/consultants for you.

What you can expect from us is RESULTS… and a profitable speaking business you’re proud of – one where you can finally stop doing it all alone. Therefore…


BigImpactHQ Reinvention

Take The Assessment And Discover Where Your Your Business Needs Help.

Unleash You Feminine Influence
& Usher In “A New Earth”

BigImpactHQ Speak your Path to Cash

Famous for creating over $72 Million Dollars and counting for Business Women from 11 different countries, BigImpactHQ’s Speak Your Path To Cash is the flagship program our Big Impact Accelerator.

Created to “Rev Up Your Speaking Business” and quickly elevate the wealth and exposer of “Badass” Woman who love speaking, these impact and influence frameworks serve as the foundation of success for Woman Experts all over the planet. Get everything you need to generate multiple 6 or 7 figures using speaking.

The Business of Speaking

Up-level your current speaking business or quickly turn years of experience & knowledge into a multiple 6 or 7 figure empire using the wealth principle of “Leveraged Sales.”

Speaking & Wealth are intricately connected and BigImpactHQ™️ has the necessary experience to support you in building a global following and highly lucrative community that makes a “Big Impact” on the planet.

Presentation Mastery

BigImpactHQ™️ knows human nature and is the best in the world at teaching Business Women how to impact and convert audiences from the stage. Learn the skills that get “buy-in” from the masses. 

As a financially empowered woman you must learn to communicate a disruptive message of vision and hope. We help you unleash your feminine influence and become the most persuasive leader in the room.

Elevate Your Ability To Influence
On Stage, Online And In The Media

Team Breakthrough VIP Mastermind

Reduce Payroll By 50% & Create A Well-Oiled Machine

You’re working your ass off generating 100’s of 1000’s of dollars in revenue only to spend it all on marketing, taxes and a team that still relies on you.

Million Dollar Funnel Fix

Upgrade Your Marketing Team

Despite that you have a marketing team… strategy, copy writing and proofing always seems to be on you… it’s overwhelming and frustrating.

1:1 VIP Program

Customized Clarity & Strategic Frameworks

Lack of clarity, especially for an established Business Woman creates hesitation and blocks the flow of wealth and impact. 

Women Disrupt!

3 Day Live Speaker Experience


You’re FAR TOO BUSY to find the time for skill acquisition. Step into your “Big Impact Speaker” while networking with high-net-worth women

BigImpactHQ Results is How We Roll
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