Unleash Your Feminine Influence and Become the Most Persuasive Leader in the Room


A rigorous application process of high level multiple 6 Figure+ Women allow us to vet for members that walk their talk. This is an exclusive membership designed for women who have already achieved high levels of success – but know so much more is possible. You want it all!

You want a rockin’ career or an amazing business. You strive for a hot, passionate partnership of equals and to be an amazing mom that your children grow up to respect and appreciate. You want a body that’s fit, sexy and strong. You want a healthy mind and fully evolved spirit.

This is much more than a membership, it is an entire Lifestyle Design™ ecosystem. It easily fits into your busy life, helping you reduce the stress and manage “all the things” with more ease and grace, in your feminine power. So you can stop working so hard and start tapping into the natural flow and rhythm of being a Woman Leader.

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Feminine Influence for A New Earth

EXECUTIVE Coaching & Consulting

Exclusively for Women in the C-Suite: VP’s and higher.

Big Impact Inc’s, Executive Coaching & Consulting programs synergistically help you achieve your ambitions and desires in a fraction of the time. Women Leaders particularly trust Mark as their mentor and coach as he guides them powerfully yet respectfully into the uncharted (and often turbulent) waters of personal transformation and change. Become the leader your soul is craving while optimizing your ability to maximize financial returns as well as honor corporate mandates and initiatives.

Speech Writing & Presentation Coaching

Have a talk coming up? Knock it out of the park with a CUSTOMIZED persuasive speech that takes your audience from tears to cheers. With over 400 public presentations created for their clients, Mark & Shannon of Big Impact, Inc have the experience to help you Lead, Speak & Inspire with a persuasive speech that inspires your workforce and gets buy in on critical initiatives.


Big Impact University Online

Are you a brilliant expert but tired of spinning your wheels in your business?

Big Impact University is your online business school, providing you everything you need to make 6 Figures+ as a Coach, Consultant or Speaker. Grads have generated over $43 Million dollars with our proven business methodology… join us today and start dancing your way to the bank!

You’ll walk away with…

Big Impact Agency

Do you have an established business and want to take your message online?

In the world of online marketing, there’s a sweet spot between having a program your clients love and paid advertising. It’s called online presence and content marketing. That’s where “Big Impact Agency” comes in. We’ll walk with you step-by-step and teach you how to grow your business with online marketing… without all the headaches of complicated funnels, integrations, tech and paid advertising!

You’ll learn how to:

In addition to that, your bank account will start singing
“cha ching ching ching”…
whether you’re working, sleeping or playing, once you have a “rinse & repeat” online marketing system, the sky’s the limit.