Examples of the Green Revolution: A Look Back at GR Technology

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In a world where climate change and environmental sustainability have taken the center stage in both political and economic discourse, the term “green revolution” might sound to many like a recent idea in an increasingly eco-conscious political environment. Many attribute the idea of a green revolution to a combination of environmentally conscious efforts taken on […]

The Top 5 Immediate Benefits of Leadership Coaching

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In the business world, the concept of leadership coaching and the overall idea of what an effective leader looks like have experienced a major shift in recent years. Rigid and punishingly hierarchical workplace structures are gradually being phased out in favor of more collaborative relationships, placing teamwork, individual contribution, and individual value at the top […]

Responsible Gamechangers: 5 Examples of Companies Embracing Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism

The basic premise of this new iteration of capitalism is that companies can do good for their employees, stakeholders, society, and the environment as a whole, without sacrificing profits in the process. It may sound like a pipe dream, yet more and more household-name companies are embracing the main principles of Conscious Capitalism in their […]

Building Confidence – Techniques You Can Use at Home

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Confidence comes from our inner selves. It’s shaped by the perception we have about ourselves and the belief in our abilities, skills, and experience. You don’t have to be the best in everything to be confident. All you need is to accept your body and your mind! Luckily, this can be learned with well-designed techniques […]

HOT Speech Openings Which Immediately Grab Attention

Attention Grabbing Speech Openings

HOT Speech Openings Which Immediately Grab Attention Speech openers can help you grab your audience’s attention with impact and set the tone of your presentation. You should know how to take the stage properly in order to maximize your chance of success. This can have a major effect on your income so they’re more likely […]

Why Every Business Needs a Sustainability Mindset

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As many companies turn towards sustainability in their business strategy, this model becomes more accepted and preferred. But what does sustainability in business actually mean, and how can it benefit your business? Let’s answer these two questions together. What Is Business Sustainability? Since there isn’t a strict definition of sustainability, many people have formed different […]

The Conscious Capitalism Movement Explained (What You Need to Know)

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Witnessing drastic market crashes and social changes in the past couple of decades has shown us how most businesses function and how they sustain themselves through hard times. While many businesses cut down on their production and laid off many employees without providing them a safety net, causing drastic difficulties for many families and communities, […]

Why Businesses With Women in Leadership Positions Thrive

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In recent years, the lack of gender diversity in organizations and fortune 1000 companies has been a hot topic as many women and men embrace the idea of more female leaders in organizations and leading teams in the workplace. Old barriers are still creating environments where the power of women’s leadership style is not recognized. […]