SPEAK YOUR PATH TO CASH How Step Into Your Calling as a Speaker and Dance Your Way to The Bank

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I walked into the Harley Davidson boardroom and their executive team stared me down.

The scent of coffee and smoke lingered as I made my way to a chair. I set my briefcase on the table and noticed how tense and desperate the room felt. They needed to sell more motorcycles.

I was summoned to this meeting because they were having a branding problem. Now, this was the late 90s, and we were headed into the millennium. What was interesting is that I was working differently from my colleagues.

At the time I was the top Senior Branding Strategist for large companies. Around the same time, Anheuser-Busch, the makers of Budweiser, called me to have a conversation about their messaging. Same thing happened here with Harley Davidson. Setting my briefcase down, they looked at me and said,

“We have a branding problem.”

“Actually, that’s crazy. You have one of the greatest brands in the world. What you have is a MESSAGING problem.”

In the early to mid 90’s there was a resurgence in Harley Davidson Motorcycles and sales really started taking off, all their independent stores started exploding. All these stores were owned by old Harley Davidson hell’s angels, and they had no idea about marketing. Each store had its own messaging and created a challenge.

Here’s an ad for Harley in the 1950s: While simplistic in its messaging… the viewer is clear what benefits they get from a Harley Davidson…

Confusion in messaging is a common problem for entrepreneurs. After working with thousands of Experts, Speakers, and Professionals we find:

  • They are highly ineffective and “suck” at talking about what they do (yes, that’s a technical term! 😉
  • They have poor communication skills- both on the stage and at networking events
  • They are often leaving 6 or even 7 figures a year on the table by not having clarity in their message
  • They are avoiding their true calling or spinning their wheels trying to monetize it.

It’s a sad truth, we see this every day here at Big Impact. We are about to give you the antidote for your entrepreneurial pain so buckle up …

1. You’re highly ineffective in your messaging – you suck at talking about what you do. That’s okay. You’re not alone. You lack the clarity and you’re tired of the feast or famine mode in your business. This lack of clarity is costing you so much… money, yes but even deeper than that fulfillment, it’s costing you discovering your purpose and manifesting your true desires. In fact, you start beating yourself up because your business isn’t taking off as you thought it would. It’s like you’re constantly pushing a rock uphill. When you think you’re about there… something happens and causes the whole entire boulder to roll back to the bottom of the hill. And guess what? Your self-esteem and confidence goes with it.  Your family and loved ones don’t understand what you do and often tell you “maybe you should just get a JOB.” And yet, you KNOW you’re designed for something bigger, more meaningful and to share your gifts (and not build someone else’s dream!)

SPEAK YOUR PATH TO CASH How Step Into Your Calling as a Speaker and Dance Your Way to The Bank
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On the other side of mastering your message is stepping into your power and certainty.

Imagine for a moment… what it would feel like to have CLARITY around your message. What would it be like to have complete CERTAINTY around your business and the ability to articulate your message? Imagine the audience leaning in and getting turned on by how you can help them.

This is possible for you!  It IS possible to make a BIG Impact with your gifts, to get paid well for your services and expertise, to make a bigger difference, all while dancing your way to the bank.  YOU deserve to be abundant, wealthy and free. It is possible, we see it every day.

Often clients come to us, and they’re spinning their wheels in a sea of technology and digital media. They think Facebook or YouTube is the answer or surely they need a website, SEO or a business card and logo.

What if you didn’t need ANY of that to get started? What if the only thing you needed was CLARITY of message?  And you could build your entire marketing platform from that fundamental truth?

Keep reading because we are about to reveal to you our “Speak Your Path To Cash” System that has enabled our Tribe to generate over $25M in their own businesses (and hone their message)

More on that here in a bit…

2. You have poor communication and presentation skills it can be super frustrating when others aren’t seeing your power and authority. You know you’re a BADASS, and have the skills to be of service to people. But somehow you can’t seem to communicate it in a way where people are willing to HIRE you, or pay you what you’re worth.SPEAK YOUR PATH TO CASH How Step Into Your Calling as a Speaker and Dance Your Way to The Bank

Often these entrepreneurs feel misunderstood, unseen, and they’re not getting paid well for their services. Often they feel like time is running out and self-doubt is in full force.

The first time I saw a multimillionaire take the stage I was 27 years old. I was in row seven. Looking down the aisle, I could see a tall man, wearing a silver suit, white shirt and a bold red tie. He was remarkable. I was spellbound and I felt like he was speaking directly to me. He said…

“More than anything, your ability to change the way you communicate will decide whether you live the destiny of your dreams or you live a default life that you’ve been conditioned to live.”

When you speak, people might go, “that’s cool, you’re a great speaker,” but they’re not seeing your power or your authority or how you can help them.

In a Harvard business study, it said that 73% of employees as well as entrepreneurs could be enriching their reputation and their brand if they had specialized training around communication. Once you get this kind of training and you master the nuances of your voice, results form…. and it happens fast.

SPEAK YOUR PATH TO CASH How Step Into Your Calling as a Speaker and Dance Your Way to The Bank3. You are leaving 6 or 7 figures a year on the table by not having clarity in your message and you don’t have a system that supports you.  Now, this might be news to you. Experts and entrepreneurs like you have NO IDEA that they are leaving money on the table by staying quiet.
But… in the pit of your heart, you know you’re a Rock Star and you’re not getting paid what you’re worth. You may feel like time is running out to set up a future for your family, you’re spinning in confusion and you know you’ve got to find a way to make your business work, otherwise you’ll have to get a J.O.B.

To this day, public speaking is one of the highest paid professions in the world. If you are not using speaking to grow your career or your business, you are leaving buckets of money on the table. And the best news of all, you don’t need to be perfect or polished to be powerful.  All you have to do is be AUTHENTIC and tap into a proven system to monetize your message.

You’re going to learn how to make more money in a weekend than you’ve made in a year!

Now when this happens, you will feel the new-found certainty in your life that fuels your courage and focus. When you see this manifest in your life, your mind is no longer over actively judging yourself and others… you’re present and joyful!

4. You’re avoiding your true calling>- I get it. We see this all the time… people come to us and say, “I’ve wanted to speak for 20 years, but I’ve never done it…”

Do you know the number of people who have been putting off speaking? Brilliant experts and professionals are not getting their medicine out into the world because they avoid taking the steps. They end up drowning in trying to master technology, funnels, social media and all the online marketing.

SPEAK YOUR PATH TO CASH How Step Into Your Calling as a Speaker and Dance Your Way to The BankGo out. Make a fortune with your voice and pay someone else to build your funnels, okay?

Here’s the thing- it can be easy to avoid putting yourself out there. But the avoidance starts causing a tremendous amount of pain in your heart. You’ve been putting off speaking and you’re still saying year after year, “I’m not ready yet.” We hear this mantra more than anything else. These individuals are still avoiding the actions that are going to move the needle on their message, their movement, and their business.

Check out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most viral speech about putting in the work and stepping into your calling…

If you’re spinning your wheels with your marketing, or if you’re having inconsistent months, those are all indications that you have not yet mastered your message.

And again, it’s okay. You’re not alone!
As the world’s leading authority on the “business of speaking,” our Tribe has generated close to $25 million in their own businesses using our “Speak your Path to Cash” System.

SPEAK YOUR PATH TO CASH How Step Into Your Calling as a Speaker and Dance Your Way to The BankTo this day, our clients have been on:

  • The View
  • Tony Robbins
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Ted Talks
  • TedX
  • Good Morning America
  • And more!

Let’s do a little deep dive about what it actually takes to monetize your message with free talks. It’s great to get paid to speak- you can do that. But we’re talking about dancing your way to the bank with the power of your voice with FREE talks right in your own backyard.

Here’s the 4 steps of the “Speak Your Path to Cash” System:

STEP 1: Clarity of your message & know your niche

Knowing your specific audience by getting clarity and certainty are the pillars of leadership. This is a must for articulating your message and mastering business. You’ve got to get clear on your message. That’s step number one. This is about bringing in your gifts, your talents, your wisdom- everything that you’ve been through, and using it to solve the problems for your ideal client.  What we see is too many brilliant experts & entrepreneurs aren’t going deep enough or specific enough when it comes to their niche, they’re afraid of leaving people out, they want to serve everyone and therefore, are seen as a “generalist” vs a “specialist”… you want to be seen as the “go to” authority that solves a specific problem for a specific group of people. That my friend, is how you’re going to get paid what you’re worth.  Go DEEP, not wide in your messaging!

STEP 2: Get the gigs

The speaking gigs- that’s where the magic happens. What we’re talking about is small speaking gigs in your own hometown, your own backyard. It could be a Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, or a Women’s Group. These small speaking gigs are “low hanging fruit” where you have the ability to take the stage. The second you take the mic and you’re able to articulate your message, you’re instantly seen as an authority. It positions you more than anything else in the market.

STEP 3: Rock your talk and offer a free gift

Now, how do you actually rock your talk?  You may already be speaking, you love the stage but you’re getting compliments and not clients. The key is to learn how to weave in the persuasive elements into your talk. Doing this speaks to the heart and mind of your ideal client. At the end of this talk, offer a free gift. Your gift is a 1:1 Strategy Session or an enrollment conversation. We’re teaching you how to use speaking to attract a flood of leads, not big paid offers from the stage.  We call this “Signature Talk Marketing” and essentially you’re using speaking as your main marketing source. HINT: this is why you can stop spinning your wheels with all the other marketing efforts and just focus on speaking to get leads.

STEP 4: Offer your hot juicy program

Our rule is to package your expertise, knowledge and services together in a 90-day program and charge at least $2,000.  You might be wondering, “Where am I going to find people to pay $2K”… when you increase the VALUE of your services, bundle specific services and knowledge together, it increases the VALUE for the client, hence why you can charge more.  If you want to make more money, simply increase the value of what you’re offering.

Just 5 new clients buying your $2K program will generate $10,000 from a free gig.

That’s it. Those are the four steps. The “Speak Your Path to Cash” System. It’s simple and you can do it.  Are you going to need to “skill up?” Absolutely! You might need help booking speaking gigs, what to put in your hot juicy program, or enrollment skills to sell your new package.

Check out how Signature Talk Marketing can give you the ability to make $10K from 1 speaking gig and how all the numbers come together:

We know you’re struggling with your message. 

The key is to get clarity. Until you have the clarity of your message, you’re going to continue to spin your wheels. For example…

  • are you clear on your “No More?”
  • What do you stand for in this world?
  • What are you a “hell yeah” and a “fuck no” to?

You’ve GOT to get clear about that. Today, it’s not good enough to be a coach or a consultant. Guess what? There’s people doing the same thing. What makes you stand out in the marketplace? It’s going to be your values. It’s going to be what you stand for.

When you attach your business to a movement or a cause that’s in alignment with your heart and your values, that’s when you become Spiritually Magnetic.

SPEAK YOUR PATH TO CASH How Step Into Your Calling as a Speaker and Dance Your Way to The BankIf you see yourself as a future orator or Thought Leader like…

  • Marianne Williamson…
  • Tony Robbins..
  • Mama Gena…
  • Brendon Burchard…
  • Martin Luther King Jr…
  • Les Brown…


What are your biggest takeaways from this blog?

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