3 Insider Tips To Book More Speaking Gigs This Month

how to find speaking engagements

Please raise your hand if you know you have a powerful message to share with the world, but you’re struggling to fill your calendar with speaking gigs…

You have decided that 2018 is YOUR year to be a sought-after speaker. You’ve set aside time over the last couple of weeks to really dedicate yourself to booking more speaking gigs. But when you open up your computer to hunt down some gigs…your brain goes blank. You have no idea where to look for speaking gigs. There’s not even an inkling of an idea on who to reach out to in the speaking world.

And maybe you’re feeling a little defeated. Thoughts are starting to creep into your head like, “What if I’m not cut out to be a speaker? Maybe no one wants to hear what I have to say? I should probably just give up.”

We’ve been there too. Before we had a PROVEN SYSTEM to consistently book speaking gigs, we were spinning our wheels on how to fill up our speaking calendar.

The reality is you you ARE cut out to be a speaker. You DO have a message that people want to hear. And you should NOT give up on your speaking dreams. You just need a better SYSTEM for how to book more speaking gigs.

Lucky for you, we have perfected a tried and true system for booking more speaking gigs. And today we are going to share 3 insider tips from the exact system we use to book more speaking gigs.

Oh, and did we mention that this is also the same system our clients have used to book speaking gigs and generate over $16 MILLION DOLLARS? Yeah, this system WORKS baby!

How To Book More Speaking Gigs This Month

1. One word: Meetup.com

When we were first starting out in our business, Meetup.com was our #1 source for booking speaking gigs. And years (and several million dollars) later we still use Meetup to book speaking gigs.

You can get proactive and start your own Meetup in your area. Meetup.com has over 750,000 groups.. Why couldn’t one of them be YOURS?!

As a Community Leader on Meetup, you will be bringing together your ideal clients on a consistent basis. Use these Meetups to deliver a condensed version of your Signature Talk and you will start to book clients right from your very own group.

Or if you don’t want to start your own group, reach out to other group leaders to see if they are looking for speakers. Let them know the title of your Signature Talk and how you can help their members learn something new, and you will be surprised by the number of gigs you can book using this strategy.

Join Meetup.com and get proactive about meeting people in your community. Seriously…join Meetup right now. Do it! Now.

2. Network, baby!

We always get the same look when we tell people to start networking to book more speaking gigs. The look is somewhere between a grimace and utter confusion. It’s basically the look you have on your face right now.

Somewhere along the line networking got a bad wrap. And that’s a shame. Maybe YOU have had a bad networking experience where you felt everyone was trying to sell you something or you kept getting hit up to join a multi-level marketing company. Whatever went awry, we want you to wipe that bad memory from your brain.

Networking is an excellent way for you to meet powerhouse people who you can create a win-win situation with. If you’re networking for speaking gigs THE RIGHT WAY it is not a sales pitch fest. It is a time for connection and collaboration.

Find a few networking events in your area this week and go. Here is how you ROCK these events:

  1. Dress to impress… don’t show up to events in your yoga pants people!!  Like it or not, first impressions matter and the subconscious mind makes up their mind about you in 7 seconds.  So… use this knowledge to your advantage and make a good first impression.
  2. Know the answer to the “What do you do” question. Make it juicy so people want to learn more.  You’ve got to be able to answer this question confidently and pepper in your credibility while you’re networking for people to respect you (and want to book you on their stage).
  3. Get curious about the people you meet. Who are they? What do they do? How do THEY need help? Be genuinely interested in learning more about the people there and how can you SERVE vs TAKE… then watch the magic happen.
  4. Know how you need help. You need to know what type of speaking opportunities you are looking for so the people at the event can help refer you to Promoters and Event Hosts. Who is your ideal audience? What is the topic of your talk? What type of events are you looking to speak at? Ask attendees for referrals to other Community Leaders & Event Planners who they could connect you with.

See, that’s not scary. You can do this. And you can ROCK it!

3. Google Alerts

This rockin’ insider secret will help automate your search for speaking gigs. Instead of you having to do hundreds of Google searches every day, you will unleash the speaking gig Kraken. Once you set up the right alerts, Google will send you a list of dozens of potential speaking opportunities every single week. Holy Smokes, that’s hot!

Do this RIGHT NOW…

Go to https://www.google.com/alerts and type into the box “call for speakers {your industry} and (your city).  {Example: If you are a health coach, you will type in “call for speakers health san francisco.”} Then click on the “Create Alert” button.

Now anytime there is a new Google search result for a call for speakers in your industry, you will get an email right in your inbox to let you know about it. Talk about an AMAZING opportunity to book more speaking gigs!

Now that you are going to get a flood of opportunities to speak, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to impress Event Hosts and Promoters so they are practically BEGGING you to speak on their stages.

We’re talking email templates that you can literally fill in a few blanks and send to Event Promoters to get booked. We mean scripts you can use when Promoters say you can’ “sell from the stage” or “I’d love to have you speak but I’m booked for the rest of the year.”

We want you to have tools that help you keep track of who you have reached out to so you can systematize the process for booking speaking gigs and double or even triple the number of gigs you get every month. Do you think these tools would help you book more speaking gigs?

Hell yeah!!  

You’ve made a commitment to yourself that this is YOUR YEAR to become a well-known speaker, now it’s time to book the gigs you need to get your message & medicine to the people who are hungry and praying for it right now!

Follow the 3 tips we have shared here and watch  your calendar fill up with incredible speaking gigs.  

We want to know, which of these 3 tips are YOU going to implement THIS WEEK to start booking more speaking gigs over the next month? Share in the comments below.

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