Women Owned Business in Texas You Need to Support

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The lone star state is fast becoming an entrepreneurial gateway for women business owners across the US. Austin city provides a hub for women to grow their companies and impact the future of female driven leadership.

Across the state, women owned businesses are changing the playing field by growing their business enterprises and advocating for a new generation of leaders.

Supporting women in business in Texas has never been easier!

Here’s a few companies you’ll want to get behind, fast.


BigImpactHQ™ is a woman owned business supporting successful entrepreneurs to grow into a forcefield of female leaders around the world.

Shannon Grainger devoted over twelve years to women’s studies and female influence. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by female leaders in a masculine-dominated system she co-founded a seminar and training company, BigImpactHQ™, with her husband Mark.

Since its establishment in 2014, the “couplepreneurs” have unveiled the power of speaking to expand female influence, generate quality leads, and grow business revenue without leading like men.

Shannon has successfully produced over 1,100 live events, workshops and retreats. Together they have worked with over 3000 female industry leaders who have produced over $51 million for their businesses through speaking.

In just one weekend, BigImpactHQ™ generated over $500k from a single event.

And what’s better?

The key to their clients’ success is something every woman is already equipped with: a voice.

Women owned businesses need to break out from a masculine dominated environment. So how are these Texas business women accomplishing this in a way that impacts their own organizations and the world around them?

Speak Your Path to Cash

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Big Impact University is an education hub for female thought leaders, setting the stage for a visionary new phase of corporate, economic and social responsibility for women in business Texas.

As a successful entrepreneur, you know what you want.

You’re a leader in your industry, making your way up to that first $100k. But you’re not securing speaking gigs, leads are inconsistent at best, and that six-figure cash infusion evades you year after year.

Working directly with Shannon and Mark, women owned businesses magnetize more leads than ever before by using their voice to propel their purpose on stage and online.

With access to the video training suite and live Q&A calls, Big Impact University’s clients have stopped allowing their businesses to be Texas’ best kept secret.

Leverage your expertise and attract wealth with two seven-figure mentors at your side.

Online Speaking Made Simple

Online Speaking

Or, perhaps your gig is online and you speak regularly on Social Media. Are you monetizing these leads?

Online Speaking Made Simple is a powerhouse monthly mentorship program packed with guidance to teach professionals how to foster quality leads by securing online speaking gigs.

Learn how to sequence your marketing systems, increase conversion rate, and spend less money on consultants and staff whose advice is, frankly:

  •         not making you money,
  •         not making your life any easier

Stop giving your precious time to dead-end marketing games, and start attracting clients right from your laptop.

Save Water Co.

Who said women owned businesses are girlie?

Save Water Co, founded and managed by young female entrepreneur, Katie Anderson, is carving the way for property resource management development to boot!

Katie entered her career in real estate by investing in single-family housing, and became a real estate appraiser by the age of 22. You read that right. Twenty two.

She spent four years honing her skills before zoning into innovating sustainable practices and reducing the environmental impact of utility management in real estate. In 2014, Katie founded Save Water Co to approach resources management with a holistic and conservational approach to guide industry water efficiency decision making.

By the age of 29, she had been chosen by Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 as a leading ‘game changer.’

As if 66% savings on a property’s monthly water consumption isn’t impressive enough, Save Water Co has deferred almost 1,000 tons of metal, porcelain and cardboard from landfill.

Her trailblazing environmental impact and sustainable framework is making a name for women owned businesses by cutting a visionary future-oriented framework for industry leaders to learn from.

Kendra Scott

Most of us have made jewelry from home at some point in our lives. How many of us can transform that into a philanthropic $1billion business in under twenty years?

Creating her first collection from the spare room of her Texan home with just $500, Kendra Scott has grown a brand worth over $1billion, charging over 100 stores and 2,000 employees.

In 2019 Kendra Scott partnered with the University of Texas at Austin to empower more young women to lead through Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Institute.

The WEL Institute is a hub where women can access programs like the Kendra Scott Fashion & Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Practicum, a women’s leadership summit, an internship program and leadership training. These efforts support young women aspiring to hold a woman owned business certification in future.

Kendra Gives Back believes in a world where women and children live their brightest, healthiest and most empowered lives, and the foundation gives a percentage of proceeds to causes helping women and children.

In 2020 alone, Kendra Gives Back donated almost 30,000 pieces of jewelry to vulnerable women and children, and has partnered with more than 8,800 causes.

You can give back too by shopping the giveback suite where a portion of proceeds are donated to charities. Alternatively, request a product donation to a cause of your choice, or host a Kendra gives back event where 20% of proceeds are gifted to a cause you care about.


Woman Performance

Nothing says purpose like scaling a business from the ground up as a single mother of four. Boys.

Catalina Gonzales founded Dondolo after the birth of her first child, when she discovered a white space in the market for a luxury and lifestyle brand that meets the fashion and safety requirements of children’s clothing.

With a calling to help the women and children in her home country, Colombia, and an insatiable drive to start a women owned business enterprise she set out to create and release her first collection in 2012.

After a relatively impotent two-year period of online sales, Gonzales shifted her small business to wholesale and employed her first two women of a now five-strong female dream team.

Dondolo fabrics are manufactured by women in Gonzales’ home country of Colombia – many of which have gained business training through Dondolo, to give them the skills to build local women-owned small businesses of their own.

The DondoloGives foundation is the backbone behind Catalina’s entrepreneurial purpose. When a purchase is made, funds from that purchase drive employment for women in Colombia which provides a safe place for women to thrive, as well as critical funds to care for their children.

Dondolo means ‘to swing’ in Italian, and the meaning in this case is prescribed to the support Dondolo provides to Columbian women and children, and the love and enrichment the team receives back by fulfilling their female entrepreneurship goals.

The Worthy Co

As if founding an organization to help rebuild the lives of survivors of sex trafficking, prostitution and addiction isn’t philanthropic enough. When Melissa Ice found her grappling with unequal employment opportunities for her clients at The Net, she sought solutions.

And what did she do? She co-founded The Worthy Co, of course!

The Worthy Co is a social enterprise designed to empower survivors who have no assistance from the federal government to learn new skills and build a resume of work history in a therapeutic and healing environment.

Since its establishment in 2012, over 1,000 women and children have been served by her registered non-profit, impact-driven business. One hundred percent of every purchase is reinvested into assisting women in rebuilding and flourishing in their new lives.

Ice was voted Fort Worth Inc’s 400 Most Influential People in 2019, Fort Worth Magazine’s Best Philanthropist in 2018, and Fort Worth Business Press 40 Under 40. 

All employees have access to an enrichment program, where each day of the week is dedicated to nurturing other areas of life, such as physical movement, healthy nutrition and survivor-led trauma recovery workshops.

When she’s not saving the world one vulnerable woman at a time, Melissa can be found speaking to inspire others and sharing her passions related to poverty, adoption, racial injustice and sex trafficking.

Women across the globe can become brand ambassadors by spreading awareness and creating jobs for trafficking survivors, all with cute, love-made products!

Nina Berenato Jewelry

Woman is working with laptop

As for the female small business owners who seek the travelling lifestyle?

Well, yes, you can have that too.

Nine Berenato released her first jewelry collection after only one year as a metalsmith apprentice in New York.

After five years developing her craft, Nina followed the guidance of a business advisory firm and moved to Austin, Texas focusing her energies on free-range retail in a moveable 1959 Airstream Bambi trailer.

Travelling around Texas with her trailer boutique in tow, Nina gained traction in Texas, opening her flagship store two years later.

But the success of Nina’s business does not stop there.

Since opening her store, Nina has thrived through supporting and giving back to her family of women entrepreneurs. Every month, 3% of monthly retail sales are donated to nonprofit organizations like Dress for Success, and Out Youth.

Nina’s shop hosts commission-free female artist residencies to promote and sell their work in-house each month.  For women-owned small businesses striving to get their companies off the ground, Nina provides grants, events and scholarships for the Jewelry Academy, where she trains entrepreneurs about jewelry design and production.

Although she has shifted her focus to teaching and empowering women in business to succeed, Nina can still be found at her bench, handcrafting her ethically sourced and sustainable jewelry all herself! Go girl!


Everyone knows that commercial grade pesticide products can create toxic effects for our fur tribes.

Wondercide founder, Stephanie Boone, learned this the hard way when her dog Luna became exceptionally ill after suffering negative side effects from industrial pest-deterrents.

Armed with fierce love, Stephanie nursed her pup back to health with homemade plant-based mixtures. She discovered a non-toxic way to keep pets, outdoor and indoor spaces free of pests with a few simple, natural ingredients.

From humble beginnings of hand mixing and bottling products to sell online and at local farmers markets, Stephanie soon became called to brush up her business and production knowledge and skills, to develop, lead and inspire her team.

In the last ten years she has scaled her woman owned business enterprise to serving over 1 million customers through sheer grit, perseverance and intuition.

The core of her business is centered around Fierce Love – the concept of protecting those you love by any means necessary – and is reflected in her purpose: creating innovative plant-based pesticide products that are safe for people and pets, and equally effective.

Wondercide’s pet and indoor/outdoor pest deterrents are eco-conscious and ethical, meaning they’re only tested on the pests they’re designed to eliminate. Added bonus? Ingredients are locally sourced.  

Help your pets go green for the vitality of your fur tribe and living spaces by supporting Wondercide’s commitment to a new era of pest protection that’s safe for pets, homes and families.

Allbodies Collective

Clothes store

Body shaming has been a hot topic for bloody umpteen years already, so why is it still present in our healthcare systems?

Irked by unsolicited guilt injections and insensitivity to legitimate medical issues during her experiences with professionals in the healthcare industry, disruptive innovator Ibby Roscoe honed her background in digital health and pharmacy startups to provide better.

Propagating the much-needed message of ‘healthy bodies at every size,’ Allbodies Collective is a women owned platform where women and non-binary individuals can access empathetic and valuable wellbeing advice from appropriate healthcare practitioners.

This small business challenges the systemic obstacles around weight stigma, and how they obstruct the provision of neutral, whole-person treatment in the healthcare industry.

If you’ve been subject to stigma and bias while seeking healthcare join the force of power women and share your story as a guest writer on their blog to empower a new approach to unbiased healthcare!


Let’s be clear: women in business, Texas are absolutely nailing it.

Texas provides a community space for female-driven leadership and supportive education programs to show other women the pathway. By getting behind these businesses and standing out among them, women can ignite a new future of female leaders who want to make an impact on the world.

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