Why Women Have A Higher Glass Ceiling As Public Speakers

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Statistically, there are more men on the stage giving public speeches than women, which leads people to think that men are better public speakers. 

On the contrary, though, women are better at public speaking for various reasons. We’re not saying all men are bad at public speaking, far from it. 

But women possess some powers that men simply don’t. Which makes the public speeches given by women more effective, memorable and most importantly… PROFITABLE.

Here are some of the special powers that women possess when it comes to using public speaking to attract clients and create a movement.

Women Can Better Display Empathy And An Understanding Of People’s Problems

Women can relate to other people’s emotions easier than men which gives them a huge advantage when it comes to delivering an impassioned speech from the stage.

Being able to understand people’s pain points and then articulately provide solutions to those problems is the key to securing new sales and building client relationships for your business.

The same principle applies to leading and managing a team, understanding their needs and resolving their concerns is the key to maintaining a productive working environment.

Just remember: people trust those who show empathy and authority for what they are going through. 

Women Can Unleash Their Feminine Influence To Persuade Their Audience

When on stage, women exude an irresistible charm which is harnessed to inspire and persuade their audience.

The name for this phenomenon is feminine influence.

Feminine influence is the polar opposite of toxic masculinity. It doesn’t erode relationships, it builds them. Instead of stifling creativity, it inspires it. It’s inclusive and breaks down the barriers that keep people from connecting. But mostly crucially, it shows that there’s a better way to get things done.

The key to success for women everywhere is to further embrace their feminine influence. If you’re having a hard time tapping unleashing your feminine influence to the world, BigImpactHQ™ University can help.

BigImpactHQ™ is for businesswomen who are honest, ambitious… and LOVE speaking! You have a message which you can’t wait to share with the world but the problem is right now you’re struggling to refine or monetize that message to get the response you’re looking for.

In a nutshell, we will show you how to rock the stage using your feminine influence in order to convert more clients, inspire other women, and have people buy into your message.

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Women Are Leading Global Trends

Millions of women today are pioneering global trends by drawing attention and creating movements around the most pressing issues of our time… such as such as climate change, gender equality, sexual harassment, and more. 

Here are some great examples of women led movements designed to change the world:

Tarana Burke

Burke is the founder of the #MeToo movement, a global phenomenon that empowered women by providing them with a safe space to share their stories of sexual harassment or assault.

The movement has been a categorical success and has been universally embraced by women. The goal was to raise awareness and start a public discussion about women’s safety in society.

As a result of Burke’s actions founding the #MeToo movement more than a decade ago, more work than ever is being done to combat sex trafficking, gender inequality, and workplace harassment.

Most importantly – she’s a speaker. Using the power of the stage to draw attention to her movement and elevate her brand. 

Anne Hidalgo

Anne Hidalgo- Women Leaders - BigImpactHQ.com

Hidalgo is the mayor of Paris and she has been working diligently to transform her city to reduce carbon footprint emissions while adapting to extreme temperature fluctuations. 

With her leadership, Paris now has banned diesel vans and cars during weekdays and changed the city’s transportation infrastructure leading to a huge rise in bicycle commuting.

Paris is now planning to plant more trees and create more green spaces to further absorb damaging greenhouse gases. Hidalgo, in an interview with the New York Times, said “We can’t live as before. Climate change is accelerating.”

It’s thanks to Hidalgo that Paris is now a world leader in the battle against climate change.

Christina Morillo

Female Public Speakers Are Better Storytellers

The persuasive benefits of good storytelling are unmatched and female public speakers excel at it.

Storytelling triggers the imagination to act as a tool for envisioning change and it can also be a catalyst for realizing longer social and political change.

Imagine yourself socializing with a group of businesspeople and they are all sharing the interesting stories that they’ve experienced while doing business.

Women storytellers who have honed their craft – know how to paint a picture in the mind of their audience. It’s as if the audience becomes swept away into an entirely new world of possibility and hope. 

This is power – a power that women can yield to influence the masses and the world is craving this kind of healing and change. 

With the stories you tell from the stage, these “mental movies” not just rivet the audience, they also linger in their minds allowing your message to ruminate for weeks, months, even years with your audience.  

The way you made the audience feel will live on with storytelling.

Some of the greatest female storytellers include:

Malala Yousafai - BigImpactHQ

Malala Yousafzai

What makes Malala Yousafzai’s storytelling exceptional is the bluntness and courage behind it. She was only 11 years old when she talked to BBC about the horrendous changes happening in Pakistan, knowing fully well that this would put her life in danger.

Her story became a beacon of hope for all the Pakistani girls and gave their fight a name. She made the invisible and ignored parts of the world become a reality for those in the western world by showing the struggle that women had to suffer.  

Today Yousafzai still uses her name as a tool to bring attention to the lives of thousands of girls who are fighting for their basic human rights. 

Reese Witherspoon - BigImpactHQ.com

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon is an American actress and has been very vocal about her passion for delivering speeches about female-focused stories. Besides her acting career and theatrical talent in storytelling, Whitherspoon has taken on the mission of using her production company Hello Sunshine to showcase the stories of other female storytellers. 

Why Women Have A Higher Glass Ceiling As Public Speakers

Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey is one of the most famous female storytellers with her powerful voice and her ability to give people a platform to speak for themselves and connect with individuals around the world. 

Thanks to her ability to find a real connection, she’s been able to bring out the stories that matter the most. Her way of storytelling has even gained its own terminology “Oprahfication” – was used by the Wall Street Journal to illustrate “public confession as a form of therapy”.

How Women Can Become Better Public Speakers


Now that you know there is a need for more women public speakers, it is time for you to take action to boost your confidence along with your business! Here at Big Impact University you can elevate your public speaking skills and use your voice to elevate your message and accumulate wealth.

Public speaking is a crucial tool for achieving success in the business world and your personal life. There are various personal benefits of public speaking. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improving confidence
  • Improving communication skills
  • Stronger deductive skills
  • Career advancement
  • Building leadership skills
  • Generating more leads for your business
  • Become a part of the top 1% of money earners on the planet

Women possess the skills and passion to excel at public speaking.

With a little help from us, you will learn how to effectively talk about what you do and what you are passionate about, and learn how to land those dream clients of yours, and how to package your services for profit! 

You can choose between our courses to elevate your speaking skills and bring success to your business while gaining more confidence!

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