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3 Insanely Persuasive Reasons Why You Should Ditch Online Marketing

3 Insanely Persuasive Reasons Why You Should Ditch Online Marketing And Start Speaking Now To Grow Your Business Fast

“YOU NEED TO BE MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE!!!” How many ‘gurus’ have shoved this modern marketing trope in your face… this week?

As a business owner, you’re constantly bombarded with Facebook ads claiming, “With these online marketing secrets, you can millions, like me!” We know, because we get those same ads too.  

And we get it, it is sexy to think about throwing up a simple opt-in form, turning on a Facebook ad and watching clients line up to work with you.

Unfortunately this ‘simple’ strategy is extremely complex (and surprisingly expensive) to master.

While you’re spending hours tweaking your sales funnels and setting up Facebook ads, you’re missing out on the hundreds of leads and dozens of clients who are begging to work with you, right in your own backyard.

When we first started our business Big Impact, Inc, we too were intrigued by the idea of online marketing, but we have enough friends who have made it big online to know the dirty secrets of internet success.

We saw the thousands of hours they spent building their online presence.

We were privy to the tens of thousands of dollars they spent on marketing.

We got a glimpse into the dozens of contractors they hired to pull it all together.

And the adrenal fatigue and burnout they suffered from working around the clock to pull their “big launch” off.  

There’s a time and place for online marketing but definitely not when you’re not yet making $10K/ month, aren’t crystal clear on your niche, your offering or specific problem you solve.  

And In the beginning, we needed to build our business fast, and we knew the secret to getting clients fast was through SPEAKING.

Using only speaking, we grew our business to over $400,000 in just 10 months… without a website or business cards!

Plus, we sparked a movement, built our Tribe and personally connected with hundreds of our ideal clients while having FUN speaking our message on stage.

To get to that level using internet marketing would take YEARS, not months (let alone, how do you pay the FB ad consultant and ad spend to Facebook if you’re not yet profitable in your business?) 

If you’re still not convinced to dump online marketing and start using speaking to grow your business, then these 3 insanely convincing reasons should be enough to get you off of Facebook and onto a local stage.

1. Get Paid To Travel While Using Speaking To Get Clients

You love travel. You want more clients. Now you can use speaking to get paid to travel while getting more clients!

One of the appealing aspects of online marketing is being able to ‘work from anywhere,’ but what the gurus don’t tell you is that while you’re in the beginning phases of building your business online, you’re spending tons of money on startup costs which leaves very little cash to do the things you enjoy most, like traveling.  

You can work from anywhere…for the first few years that is going to mean working from a nearby Starbucks.

On the flip-side, with speaking you can find speaking opportunities anywhere in the world (we recommend start locally, in your own backyard) and by using our proven “Speak Your Path To Cash” System you will have clients lining up to work with you by the end of your talk.

Boom! Money in your bank account, serving awesome clients, sharing your gifts and making an impact, yayy!

And once you hone your talk in a bit more, you take it on the road if you want a new adventure (that you can write off as a business expense!)  Want to sip espresso in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Book a gig in Italy and enjoy your espresso!

Excited to enjoy to Eiffel Tower?

Book a speaking gig in Paris, mon cheri!

There are endless speaking opportunities all around the world, and you deserve to be the one sharing your message on stage and attracting more clients.

2. Speaking Has A Low Startup Cost

We’ll give it to you straight, you need to invest money in your business in order to achieve the success you desire.

But how much you need to invest depends on the marketing strategy you choose.

And speaking is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business and get clients.

Most online marketing ‘gurus’ claim that it’s cheap to market your business online, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Just look at these high startup costs you’ll need to invest in just the first year of online marketing:

Clickfunnels – $1,164

Activecampaign – $240

Facebook Ads (at just $5/day) – $1,825

Internet Marketing Courses – $3-5,000

Contractors you need to hire- $2,500

At just the bare minimum, you’re looking at over $8,729 to get started marketing your business online!

That’s not the cheap marketing strategy you were promised, huh?

Let’s look at speaking, shall we?

Using your current network, you can certainly reach out to 10 potential partners who are looking for speakers – free.

Moving outside of your current network, you could attend a few Meetup groups in your own backyard, meet potential partners who are looking for speakers, get some speaking gigs and rock your talk – for free (okay, you’ll need to pay for the gas to get there! 😉

Using our “Speak Your Path To Cash” System, you’ll need to print off a few sheets of paper and a clipboard that your potential clients will fill out after your talk – about $10.

Speaking – free.

Wow! That is far less expensive than online marketing.

And sure, depending on your current speaking skills you will most likely need training on how to hone and master the art of speaking to attract clients, and that will have an additional cost.

But you could invest up to $8,700 in a training program and still spend less than your first year of startup costs with online marketing!!!  

And get WAY better results as the conversion rate in person is WAY higher than online… the average conversion rate online is 1%, speaking live in person when done correctly using our “Speak Your Path To Cash” System, you’ll get a 50% conversion rate!!  

Now we’re talking baby!

3. You Only Need To Master One Skill – Speaking To Attract Clients

Being a successful business owner, means always honing your craft and learning new skills, but that doesn’t mean you need to spin your wheels, wasting your precious time (and money) learning dozens of skills to market your business online.

We cannot stress enough how difficult it is to get good at online marketing.

Just think about it, to successfully market your business online you need to learn, at a minimum: copywriting, web design, graphic design, Facebook ads, social media marketing, video production, email marketing and sales funnels.


And just when you master the internet marketing “game”, Facebook changes their algorithms and what was working, is no longer working.

Now you’re back to tweaking your funnel again… aka pulling your hair out!  

How long do you think it will take you to learn all of these new skills?

And how many clients are you going to miss out on while you’re busy learning how to properly place a Facebook pixel on your website?

You’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table by spending so much effort on marketing your business online.

You’re ready to grow your business RIGHT NOW and speaking is the best way to reach your goals.

To grow your business with speaking you just need to learn one skill – Speaking To Attract Clients.

This is the one skill that helped our clients bring in over $4M in the last 4 years and helped our clients generate over $16,000,000 in their businesses.

And it is the only skill you need to learn right now to grow your business.

With our PROVEN “Speak Your Path To Cash” System, we will show you step-by-step how to get over your stage fright, find speaking gigs, connect with your audience and get a flood of strategy sessions at the end of your talk.

We have mastered this system within our own business and we have broken it down into an easy-to-learn method that our clients have been using for over 4 years to go from struggling to thriving to industry thought leaders.  

In our brand new webinar, we are revealing the exact steps to grow your business with speaking so you can add an additional $10,000 (or more) to your bottom line every month.

This is a limited-time training, so CLICK HERE to claim your spot now to discover the fastest path to cash in your conscious business.

Now that you have discovered the power of speaking to grow your business, isn’t it time to step away from Facebook and step into the spotlight?  

You were born to shine! It is your mission on this planet to serve your clients, so isn’t it your duty to take the fastest road to finding them?

Does this mean that you will NEVER use online marketing in your business?

Of course not!

Technology is a powerful tool, but it shouldn’t be your first step to grow your business.

Once you have a steady stream of income and a waitlist of clients, then you can start bringing on a team to help you take your business online.

But until then, stick to speaking and watch your business thrive!

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8 thoughts on “3 Insanely Persuasive Reasons Why You Should Ditch Online Marketing And Start Speaking Now To Grow Your Business Fast”

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Hi Patrick!

      Go ahead and sign up for the webinar. If technology is on our side we will try to have a replay available.

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    I am a college professor, ready to jump into speaking! I am interested in finding speaking gigs and the pricing you recommend. Need someone to partner with that can engage audiences with business, marketing, public relations, financial, or career options.. then, we should talk!

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ
    Reginald Thurston

    This texting sounds like Mark. Now Mark this message you send me I will compare it to my most powerful gift that motivate me, and for shore speaking is no match. It is what I do best and that is being a musician and speaking could never match or can compete with the money I would be making, so let me call out the cash cow I will win big, as, I become a billionair or trillion air God spare me.
    1. I have many hit songs, did you know if I allow Michael Jackson, if he was a live or Bruno to sing one of them, do you know how much royalties, Cd sale and digital sales money I would be making. Come on add it up Mark.
    2. Mark, do you know if I got 25 of my songs on sync licencing, movies, television shows ete… These are moneys that will keep coming in royalties tell I die and come back again to me (Tnansmigration).
    3. As a recording artist and entertainer traveling the world singing, I will have nations as the sand of the sees coming to my concerts.
    4. Have you ever heard about automation to manage my subscribers who will contribute to my business, and because I inspire them expecially million air and billion airs will pay million for me to perform shows.
    Mark, you know these things. You may not know about me personally, but I have my career all down pack, because musician and sound writeres do enhance more money than speakers, even quicker, and I am born for business.
    Because of the wealth I will be generating and helping people around the world, nations will make me their King… But I will have to do it my way, because my way is the way of God the Father…Who ever will try to hinder my career they will have to deal with the Father even Jesus judgement Who I represent…

  3. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    If you “aren’t crystal clear on your niche, your offering or specific problem you solve” then all the online marketing from top marketing gurus will not help. I’ve learned the hard way that sharing your message online (pushing a message out) doesn’t have the same feedback loop as talking to people. My offer is changing as I talk to more people and learn more about their pain points and the solution they are willing to pay for.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ
      Staci - Community Love Manager

      We couldn’t agree more Crystal! It is important to land on your message first before diving into online marketing. And the best way to refine your message is to get out there and start speaking 🙂

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