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What To SAY When SPEAKING On Stage

What To SAY When SPEAKING On Stage

Speaking is the new marketing.

Meaning, the only way to increase the impact your message has is by speaking.

So what do you say once you’re on stage?

How do you get ready?

How do you align your message with your Tribe in a way where they are energetically drawn to you?

Shannon here with a DEEP truth on how to rock your talk.

Take a moment, connect to Source and breathe this in with me:


You must attach your ESSENCE to your MESSAGE


Your essence is your unique expression of the divine that’s within you.

And the only way to attach your essence with your message is by shifting your perception.

A Course in Miracles tells us that a shift in perception IS a miracle.

So our work is to consistently change our perception (or at least be open to the Universe doing it for you!)

That starts by not being so hard on ourselves.

We need to start seeing ourselves as The Divine sees us.

As perfect without flaw, a precious child who God loves.

Life works to the degree that we live in alignment with the laws of the Universe.

And the Universe is invested in growth and abundance.

So everytime we beat ourselves up, we step out of our essence and go against the laws of the Universe.

But when we begin to see ourselves how God sees us, how Source see us – we begin to say something on stage that touches the hearts of our audience.

We begin to speak to THEIR essence.

And nothing is more powerful on this earth than speaking to someone’s essence.

And it begins by attaching YOUR essence to YOUR message.

And then, miracles occur.

My friend, let us know:


What is Divinely UNIQUE About YOU?

How Can You Attach Your ESSENCE To Your Message?  

Share your comment below. The whole Tribe will be inspired YOUR ESSENCE.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark and Shannon

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