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Are you a brilliant expert but tired of spinning your wheels in your business?

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Big Impact University offers public speaking classes for smart business professionals just like you.
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Big Impact University is your online business school, providing you everything you need to make 6 Figures+ as a Coach, Consultant, or Speaker. Grads have generated over $43 Million dollars with our proven business methodology…
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In this current day and age, people are turning to online lectures, seminars, and meetings more than ever before. There is a growing need for excellent online speakers and presenters. Many businesses are operating virtually, which means the way we present is changing.
Don’t get left behind during this new technological shift!

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Big Impact University can provide you with the ultimate tools to enhance your business using our public speaking courses. Many business owners will agree one of the hardships of moving to online communication and collaboration is effectively delivering engaging presentations. It can be difficult to keep an audience engaged while delivering a presentation online. Let’s take a look at some of the key components of engagement while giving speeches online.

One of the key factors that a public speaker must remember when speaking online is they need to engage their audience. Many of the typical ways in which a speaker should engage their in-person also apply to a virtual audience. Some additional ways to keep their interest might include using a chatbox feature to provide a question and answer session. This can help keep your listeners engaged since they will be able to ask questions and receive feedback in real-time. Our public speaking courses can help you identify key ways to engage your audience both virtually and in-person.

At Big Impact University, we understand the changing landscape of the workforce and have adapted our public speaking classes to suit both in-person and virtual audiences. Another way we recommend keeping listeners engaged during a presentation is to ask them questions throughout the presentation. This can open the floor for discussion and provide a checkpoint for listeners to respond and continue listening. It is critical that your presentation encourages audience reaction and collaboration.

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The public speaking classes at Big Impact University are designed to make you a better speaker and to get your audience on your side by connecting with them. It can be more difficult for a public speaker to feel connected to an audience when the event or meeting is online. Our online public speaking courses can help you cultivate a connection with your audience by preparing you to speak online and giving you all the tools you need to make your listeners feel as if they know you well.

Since many business meetings are being held online today, it is highly likely you will have an online meeting, seminar, or course over the next year. As a successful business person, you know preparation is key. Why not get prepared for the future of business by taking one of our online public speaking courses? You can never be too prepared, and it might just give you a leg up on the competition for your next sales pitch. Boring presentations just won’t cut it anymore, so get ahead with Big Impact University.