Generate more custommers online

by Learning How To Speak With Them Directly and Convincingly

Online Speaking Made Simple is a low cost, high touch monthly mentorship program which teaches professionals how to create an extra lead gen channel for their business by booking online speaking gigs.

By the end of the program you will:

  • Be generating more sales leads than ever before
  • Have crafted convincing messaging to sell your products or services consistently
  • Enjoy and be comfortable speaking to large groups of people
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You’re not doing enough of the work which makes you happy! You’re being pulled in in too many directions… trying to build a team, establish systems and master your online game.

And it’s killing you inside.

You’re at this page because you’re likely experiencing one of the following scenarios:

Online Speaking Made Simple Page

You’re working your ass off trying to get your online marketing to generate consistent leads and income. It’s complex, it’s overwhelming and it’s not working very well.

Online Speaking Made Simple Page
You’re speaking all the time on social media – you may even be an “influencer” with 10s of 1000s of followers and millions of YouTube views. But – you’re struggling to monetize your following and you’re not generating the kind of money you deserve.
Online Speaking Made Simple Page
You’re making great money – but you spend all of it on team, systems and “eft up” consultants. You’re working all the time and have no life. You’re beginning to wonder if the dream of financial freedom and choice is exactly that – A dream.

You’re Just One
Speaking Funnel Away.

You’re about to discover a GOLDMINE of insight and create compelling marketing content that generates leads online… right from your laptop!

This is about making money – and A LOT of it. As a Speaker, you should be thinking WEALTH – and this program is designed to give you the foundation to build it.

Through Online Speaking Made Simple you will:

Online speaking made simple
Online Speaking Made Simple Page
Learn how to methodically build your marketing money machine in the right sequence… and enter into a flow state that fosters creativity and authentic self expression.
Online Speaking Made Simple Page

Convert more of your target audience into paying customers by establishing a brand and line of messaging they can’t wait to invest in!

Online Speaking Made Simple Page

Reduce your reliance on consultants and staff who you’re paying to give you advice which isn’t producing you results. Replace them with an automated system which works!

Online Speaking Made Simple Page


We’re Mark & Shannon

As the husband and wife Co-Founders of BigImpactHQ we’ve had the luxury of sharing the stage with some of the biggest speakers in the world including Jack Canfield, Loral Langemeier, Rich Dad/Poor Dad’s Robert Kyosaki, Raymond Aaron, Gabby Bernstein and more.

We’re highly experienced event consultants, producers, trainers and speakers..


Our “Speak Your Path To Cash” System has been trained to over 3000 women leaders from 11 different countries and used to generate over $51 MILLION in their own businesses.

Those that really embraced it have been invited to speak on some of the world’s most coveted stages including Tony Robbins, TEDx, Good Morning America and The View.

And now we’ll do the same for you.


Online Speaking Made Simple Page

DAY #1

Creating your Online Stage

Getting Online Gigs

Zoom –
Setting the Stage and Using the Tech (Basic to Advanced)

PowerPoint –
Tips and Tricks that Elevate Your Authority

Home Studio Set-up –
A/V From Simple to Sophisticated

Online Speaking Made Simple Page

DAY #2

Building Speaker Assets and

Getting Online Gigs

“Soundbite Speaking” – Long and Short Speaking Platforms

Online Offer Psychology – Influence Your Audience to Say Yes

Clubhouse – Profile Tips, Capturing Leads, & Building a Following

Virtual Summits – Elevating Authority & Optimizing Exposure

Guest Podcasting – Booking the Gigs & Getting the Clients

Online Speaking Made Simple Page

DAY #3

"Automate Your Speaking"


Zoom –
Setting the Stage and Using the Tech (Basic to Advanced)

PowerPoint –
Tips and Tricks that Elevate Your Authority

Home Studio Set-up –
A/V From Simple to Sophisticated

Once you’ve graduated from the bootcamp and the foundations are in place, you’ll begin working much more closely with Mark & Shannon to drive your messaging strategy and create your speaking funnels

Transform Your Business For Only $299 A Month

This is how we’ll grow your business every month:

For Just $299 You Get

  • Member Only Web Portal – Videos, Checklists, etc
  • Tech Support Q&A Calls – Weekly
  • Office Hours with Mark or Shannon – Weekly
  • Big Impact Support Calls – 2x a Month
  • Vetted Guest Expert Interviews and Trainings
  • Speaker Tech Checklist
  • “How to Hire a VA and Delegate the Tech” Checklist
And with that YES , You can test the content , curriculum and pace for a full 60 days and then continue with us as long as you like, month to month

Speakers Quiz

Find the speaking style which matches your DNA, so that you can build a stage presence that your audience will immediately fall in love with.

Knowing which type of speaker you were born to be will give you a headstart on your speaking strengths and weaknesses ahead of starting Online Speaking Made Simple.

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