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Everything a Speaker Needs to Turn 10 Minutes of Stage Time Into $10,000 plus

Big Impact University’s “Speak Your Path To Cash” program is designed to give you everything you need to start generating real wealth as a speaker, thought leader and expert.

By the end of the program you will:

  • Be generating more sales leads than ever before
  • Have crafted convincing messaging to sell your products or services consistently
  • Enjoy and be comfortable speaking to large groups of people

We Understand Your Challenges

We know how frustrating it can be to have expertise and gifts to offer – but lack a steady stream of high paying clients to serve with those gifts.

Conventional wisdom tells you to build a website, optin pages, VSLs, funnels, landing pages and social media… all to become an influencer and online celebrity. Yet – everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked… and you’ve been busting your ass for years.

Truly brilliant women have come to us frustrated and broken – not understanding why their business isn’t yet generating 100s of 1000s of dollars every year.

Like you, they recognize something special inside… a skill… a talent… a wisdom that when shared with the world… would change lives. Yet – it feels like every client is a burden to find and a struggle to land.

You’re spinning your wheels

Trying to make your business financially successful but the ups and downs of monthly cash flow is stressing you out.

You Don't Have Regular Leads

You lack systems for making money, getting speaking engagements, enrolling new clients and running a legitimate business.

You've running out of ideas

All the tactics and technology you try aren’t working and your business still isn’t growing, despite the "experts" advice.

You're Not Getting Speaking Gigs

You’ve been trying for years to become an “in demand” speaker and get paid the kind of money that leads to wealth creation.

Learn How To Attract A Flood of High Paying Clients

Lost in the overwhelm of online marketing? Wasting precious time in the learning curve of social media, funnel building and automation?  

That’s why we love speaking. 

Public speaking is a simple strategy that allows you to make money now – and stop getting sucked into a digital world of overwhelm and confusion. 

With Big Impact University’s “Speak Your Path To Cash” program, you’ll have two 7-Figure mentors looking over your shoulder… supporting you… helping you… and leading you into creating a signature talk that’s designed to make you millions. 

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Speak Your Path To Cash Will Teach You:

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How To Talk About What You Do – without clarity and confidence in your ability to communicate the value and benefits of your business – you’ll remain the best kept secret in town. 

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How to land your dream clients – how different would your life and business be when you have the ability to “rock your talk” and return home with dozens of qualified leads… ready and eager to have an enrollment conversation with you?

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How To Package Your Services For Profit – Knowing how to build leverage into your program allows clients to experience even more value while also elevating your pricing. Getting paid what you’re worth starts with how you structure your program(s). 

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We’re Mark & Shannon

As the husband and wife Co-Founders of BigImpactHQ we’ve had the luxury of sharing the stage with some of the biggest speakers in the world including Jack Canfield, Loral Langemeier, Rich Dad/Poor Dad’s Robert Kyosaki, Raymond Aaron, Gabby Bernstein and more.

We’re highly experienced event consultants, producers, trainers and speakers..


Our “Speak Your Path To Cash” System has been trained to over 3000 women leaders from 11 different countries and used to generate over $51 MILLION in their own businesses.

Those that really embraced it have been invited to speak on some of the world’s most coveted stages including Tony Robbins, TEDx, Good Morning America and The View.

And now we’ll do the same for you.


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Speaking online is SIMPLE and FUN... it’s awesome you don’t have to drive or get on a plane to rock your talk.  You can do it all from the comfort of your home office.

Angie Ates

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I LOVE Online Speaking.. it's so simple & FUN! Mark & Shannon helped me set up the back end tech (which is not my genius zone!). I sold 4 programs in 1 week, generating over $10K... and it was EASY!​

Jennifer Jost

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I'm not the most tech savvy person so the Tech Support Calls have been SUPER helpful and always user friendly. The information is great and there's A LOT of support.

Bonnie Sita

Here’s what you get in Big Impact University’s “Speak Your Path To Cash” program…

Big Impact University is an online webportal with video training, live Q & A calls, office hours, 24/7 support and access to two 7-Figure Mentors… 
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Module 1

Creating your Online Stage

Land On Your Niche & Get Crystal Clear About Your Ideal Client

• Stop Spinning Your Wheels & End The Frustration Of Finding Your Tribe

• Home Study Training Calls To Give You Total Niche Clarity…

• Mark & Shannon Personally Review and Land on Your Ideal Client

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Module 2

“Mining For Gold” Market Research System

The Secret Sauce And Why Our Clients Are Getting Mad, Crazy Results

• Discover Your Ideal Clients Secret Fantasies & What Motivates Them To Buy

• Stop Wasting Precious Time “Guessing” If Your Program Is Going To Sell

• Start Attracting A Flood of High Paying Clients Everywhere You Go… Like Bees To Honey!

• Includes Step By Step “Mining For Gold” System & Precise Interview Questions

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Module 3

Presence & Profitability Virtual Training

Get Your Hot Juicy Program Done & Dialed

• How To Talk About “What You Do”… Become A Client Magnet Everywhere You Go!

• Business Finance 101 So That You Can Be Profitable In Your Business

• Rock Your Enrollment Conversations & Sell High End Packages Like Hotcakes!

• Build In Leverage, Increase Your Pricing and Determine Your Payment Options

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Module 4

Big Impact Speaker Virtual Training

Get Your Signature Talk Done & Dialed

• Your “Go To” Talk Every Time You Speak (Based On “Mining For Gold” Market Research)

• Use Speaking To Create A Movement & Get More Visibility As The Expert You Are

• STAGE TIME & Experiential Skill Drills To Skyrocket Your Stage Presence

• Complete System to Getting More Speaking Gigs & Rockin Your Talk

The FAST TRACK to results is within your grasp and public speaking is the fastest way to generate 100s of 1000s of dollars without the distraction, overwhelm and learning curve of technology.

Transform Your Business For Only $299 A Month

This foundational program offers you everything you need to take the stage, rock the mic and get paid really well for your services. Say hello to 6 – Figures and beyond.

Your calling can’t wait… your dreams can’t wait… AND neither can your audience.

For Just $299 You Get

Enrolled on all 4 Speak Your Path To Cash Modules and all the support you need to success:

  • Member Only Web Portal – Videos, Checklists, etc
  • Tech Support Q&A Calls – Weekly
  • Office Hours with Mark or Shannon – Weekly
  • Big Impact Support Calls – 2x a Month
  • Vetted Guest Expert Interviews and Trainings

Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead with Big Impact University’s “Speak Your Path To Cash” program and if you don’t see how our program of “Signature Talk Marketing” will simplify your business and elevate your income we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked.


Absolutely! This program is designed specifically to generate qualified leads and attract clients through the power of public speaking. You’ll also learn how to talk about what you do in far more powerful ways while understanding how to use public speaking as a prominent marketing and promotional tool. In addition, you’ll discover how to use live and virtual trainings, retreats and seminars to serve existing clients or attract new ones.

This is a self paced program that generally takes 6 months to complete. We’ve structured it for the busy woman business leader who also has a spouse, family and life to run. Many have completed the program much faster but most love it so much they stay with us for 12 months and beyond. We ask you commit for a full 90 days upon which the program becomes a month to month membership that is cancellable with a 30 day written notice

In just about every way. Not only are you learning to speak and communicate your value like a “Rock Star,” you’re also stepping into the world of becoming a “Thought Leader”. Learning how to structure your programs and offerings allows you to deliver more value to your clients than you ever thought possible. You’ll expand your abilities to effectively position yourself as well as step more fully into your leadership. Plus, you’ll improve your relationship to money, sales and business finance. We teach you how to be a better entrepreneur and how to run your business more effectively, profitably and consciously. 

This system was created out of our own need to attract a flood of clients instead of enduring the treacherous learning curve of online marketing. The system works when you work the system. We’ve made this program SIMPLE… but it’s not easy. You will be required to put in the work and show up for yourself. When you do… you’ll learn the nuances of persuasive public speaking and how to turn 10 minutes of stage time into $10,000+

The future is female. Smart businesses are also socially conscious and we believe any and all investments in women are an investment in a better community, way of life and world. Our purpose is to usher in a new era of social, economic and corporate responsibility by awakening the power of voice in women leaders all over the world. With that mission in mind, we’re well aware that men play a vital role in empowering women. Our very own Co-Founder | CMO Mark A. Grainger is an example of evolved masculine elevating the voices of women everywhere. 

YES - that is the purpose of this program. Yet - this is not about getting paid keynote speaking gigs. Instead, we’re showing you how to get paid far more… and way faster! This program is a “speak to sell” model where you use public speaking to generate leads and attract a flood of clients from the stage. Our advanced students have gone on to use this model to make $300,000 - $400,000 + in a weekend - more than most keynote speakers make in a year. Big Impact University’s “Speak Your Path To Cash” can be one of the biggest ROIs your business will ever experience. And - you must be a dedicated professional that focuses your efforts and executes your priorities. 

Speakers Quiz

Find the speaking style which matches your DNA, so that you can build a stage presence that your audience will immediately fall in love with.

Knowing which type of speaker you were born to be will give you a headstart on your speaking strengths and weaknesses ahead of starting Online Speaking Made Simple.