The HOT & FAST way to find your perfect audience

The HOT FAST way to find your perfect audience

Mark and I get asked this all the time: “How can I find my PERFECT audience?”

We love this question! So just before we reveal to you our hot tips to find your perfect audience, here’s the back story.

Shannon here and after working with 1000’s of clients all over the world, Mark and I came to learn that for every question someone has – there’s a deeper question not being asked.

Meaning, if you’re asking “how to find your perfect audience” – most likely you’re struggling with defining your specific niche, offering and service too, right?

Before you can find your perfect audience – you have to get crystal clear on who YOU are, what OUTCOME your service provides and WHY it gets your juices flowing like nothing else.

The reason I emphasize this to you is simple.

We’ve given the ‘Perfect Audience Formula’ to tons of people – but some still don’t get results.

But it’s not because the formula wasn’t working – it was because you can’t find your audience until you’ve found YOURSELF and your CLEAR MESSAGE first.

So don’t read the next few lines until you clarify your service, outcome and message first.

Cool? Alright, you’re going to love this hot stuff.


With your clear message and niche, search on Facebook for groups on that topic.

For example, if your service was about Healing Energy.

Here’s what you’d do on Facebook:

Search, “Energy Healers” to start (you can try 10 different variations and find a party full of groups for you!)

Have fun with this, I just clicked on the first ‘Open’ one I found:

So if you’re an Energy Healer – you just found a perfect audience!

People looking for the exact service and program you provide. They were hand selected!

The next move is to join, engage, become friends and slowly move to offer strategy sessions once you created a demand for it.

So for example, let’s say you’d post a few times a week about your insights, case studies, stories of working with certain clients etc.

Soon, people will start to ask you more about it.

Then offer them a complimentary strategy session.


To emphasize how HOT this is, finding that group took me less than a minute.

If you strategically go through groups like this, LEAD with your message and engage authentically, you could do this with tens of groups and build your perfect audience in no time at all.

You can also use this strategy with a Meetup.

Check out our juicy post the Tribe just loved to find out how.


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Did you love this as much as I enjoyed writing it for you?

Let Mark and I know in the comment section below 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark and Shannon

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