How to find VENUES to Speak at

How to find VENUES to Speak at

Really exciting news.

How would you like to be speaking at a local event, sharing your big impact message, within the next 12 days?

Well here’s the great news – you absolutely can and we’re going to show you how in this post.

Probably the biggest mistake Conscious Business Owners and Speakers make when trying to get their message out there in a bigger way is making it hard and complex.

Thinking they need a huge sponsor, an agent, a bestselling book, Oprah, you name it.

The truth is – it’s never been easier to find venues to speak at, you’ll see why in one moment.

One of the greatest inventions for speakers in the last number of years is a brilliant website called

It has the key to ramping up your speaking venues, client list and creating the big impact you’re so called to make.


Here’s what to do.


Go to, enter your location and your topic.

Let’s say your Message that you want to deliver is how to “Find Your Soul Mate” – look what Meetup gives you:


3 of those groups (that we found in about 8 seconds) have 500+ members.

Here’s your plan to make a BIG impact with your message:


1. Create a networking plan of which groups to attend

2. Once there, introduce yourself to the Organizer.

3. Lead with VALUE- Find out what their needs are, what’s important to THEM, etc.

4. If you feel that your talk would be PERFECT, then offer to give one for FREE.

5. Tap into a Proven Speaking SYSTEM to Turn your FREE Talk into $10K

6. Rinse and repeat


This will not get you a speaking venue for every one you try – but the more you try, the more gigs you’ll get.

This strategy is golden – you can do this.

Don’t make it hard or complex – it’s simple when you’re aligned with your greater purpose and message.

Let us know how you’re going to use this strategy in the comment section below.

The whole Tribe can learn a ton from YOUR Big Impact.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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