If you’re a Conscious Business Owner or Speaker, what you’re about to read will light your ass on fire!

Mark here, and one of the biggest challenges we face as Conscious Business Owners is running a business while being true to our purpose and soul.

The thing is that until I came across the genius you’re about to read, I couldn’t figure it out – and it was draining the life out of me.

I kept on asking myself:

Why is running a business so hard?

Why do I have to deal with all this accounting, payments, systems, calendars, meetings…. sh*t!

Why can’t this just be easy when I’m aligned with my purpose?

And 100 other things that I KNOW you’ve felt too, right?

So one day as I was in Yoga class, it hit me like a lightning bolt:


Business = Ultimate Yoga


Most people have it all wrong: thinking they need to set time for their spiritual practices throughout the day to be more centered in their business.


That kind of thinking will mess you up bad and here’s why.

The moment you separate BUSINESS from SPIRITUAL PRACTICE then they become two separate entities.

How can you be a Conscious Business Owner when your consciousness and business aren’t ONE?

Because true spiritual work, the kind you and I live for, is not divided but totally THE SAME. Just like Yoga – it’s as much a spiritual practice as it is a physical one.

You get stretched, you feel intense discomfort and you think you can’t do it… at all, you’re done, no more.

But you know that’s the sweet spot.

That’s where you grow.

That’s when you get stronger.

That’s when you feel how incredible this is… that’s when you feel ALIVE.

In Yoga, you notice how much BODY you have, how many positions you can go in and how flexible you really are.

My friend – that’s the spiritual practice of BUSINESS.

When you embody your spiritual truths in your business – you’ll grow and manifest your soul’s ultimate purpose in ways you’d never achieve alone meditating on a mountaintop.


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Business is the greatest spiritual practice in the world

All the stuff that comes up while running your business – it comes up for a reason.

Business will bring out all of the sh**t you need to work on and then some.

And that is why it’s the greatest spiritual practice in the world.

Did you LOVE that?

Did it light your ass on fire?

Let us know – we’d all love to hear from YOU, so comment below 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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