Become The Go-to Leader For Your Tribe

How To Use ‘Personal Branding to Be The Go To Leader For Your Tribe

How To Use ‘Personal Branding’ to Be The “Go-To” Leader For Your Tribe


With so many coaches, healers and experts out there, offering more or less what you offer, how do you set yourself apart from them? How do you become the Go-To Leader for YOUR Tribe, no matter how many other leaders are out there?

Mark here and I have a juicy secret to share with you that will forever change how you think about ‘having competition’.

This secret will eliminate any worries you have why people should hire you – and why you’re absolutely worth all the money you charge.

By the end of this post, you’ll want to do all those things you’ve been putting off to spread more of your message.

Why? Because you’re about to discover what I call, the Fountain of Unshakeable Confidence.




My background is in corporate ‘Branding’.

So for years I ran Million Dollar Radio Campaigns and did the branding work for huge companies like The Marriott, Budweiser and even Porshe.

Working with these successful companies I learned a real secret why people buy from YOU.

While it works for big companies – it works BEST for Conscious Business Owners like you.

The reason people buy anything is because they identify with the company or person.

People don’t need an iPhone 6 – but because they identify so deeply with Apple – they want it. Technically they can buy any smartphone – right?

But they IDENTIFY with the PERSONAL BRAND of Apple.

Let’s say you’re a Relationship Coach.

And you know there are hundreds if not thousands of other Relationship Coaches out there.

So why would people buy from you with so many options out there? Simple: Because they buy YOU.

In other words, ‘Relationship Coaches’ have competition – but there is no competition to YOU.

Let’s give Tony Robbins as an example.

When people go to “Unleash The Power Within” (can I get a woop woop from my firewalker friends?!) or buy his Audio Program ‘Get The Edge’ – they have tons of other options to buy ‘self-help’ programs.

But the reason people buy Tony Robbins is because he’s Tony Robbins – they buy him.

They identify with his energy, his personality, his message.

Here’s the secret: you DON’T have any competition.

There’s no one else in the world who’s exactly like YOU.

When you radiate YOU, your highest and most aligned, on-purpose self – that’s what people buy.

Shannon and I get asked all the time – how do I be my most authentic self in my talks and branding?

How do I do the whole ‘branding’ thing for my business?




Tony Robbins doesn’t think on stage how to incorporate branding into his message – he just unleashes himself in total alignment – and people love it.

When you soulfully and authentically express the ultimate YOU – there’s no need for anything else.

People want YOU.

They want your quirks, your humor, your message, your story, your SELF.

The way to be the Go-To Leader for your Tribe – is just to express YOU.

Because there’s no competition to YOU.

The reverse is also true.

When you’re not radiating your highest energy and your SELF, people will feel it and they won’t be inspired to move forward with you.

The biggest mistake Conscious Business Owners and Speakers make is trying to model something else or trying to be a cookie cutter version of someone else.

But the moment your Tribe feels you’re not YOU or that you’re someone else – they’ll just go the source of who you’re modeling.

But when you’re YOU – on stage in all your glory – they can’t help but be drawn to buy your offering and program.

What are you going to do this week to more fully express your YOU to land more clients and speaking gigs?

Be a conscious leader and share your inspiration below – the Tribe will gain a TON from YOU.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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