Make 6-Figures with Tele-Seminars

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Today’s Big Impact Newsletter will be a resource you’ll come back to whenever you need.

Because we get asked all the time from clients and people we meet at events:

“I know Teleseminars are my ticket to get high-end clients – but how on earth do I do one?!”

Shanon here and you’re going to love this.

Teleseminars are a great way to build your list, make great money and best of all… work from anywhere in the world (even on the beaches of Bali 😉

Because Mark and I decided to just give you the down and dirty details how to set up your own Teleseminar, today.

After going through this post, you’ll have everything in place to have a successful, money-generating Teleseminar in just a few days time.

Let’s do this my friend. Here’s everything you need:




1. Tribe’s Problem ⇒ Your Solution ⇒ Your Full Program – before anything, you need to know the topic.

The topic must be solving a specific problem by offering a descriptive solution catered to your Tribe.

The way to make this a failure is by being generic.

Get inside your Tribe’s heart, mind and soul and they’ll flock to you… like bees to honey!

2. Landing Page Opt-InThe place to send your Tribe is to a landing page opt-in… a simple web page to tell them about the benefits of the call and get their name & email address.

The structure is very simple:


    1. Headline
    2. Subheadline
    3. Bullet-Points of Content
    4. Picture of You
    5. Opt-In Box (you’ll need an email service provider like Mailchimp, Aweber, etc to capture emails)
    6. Optional: Social Sharing/Proof (AddThis is an easy way to create sharing buttons)

Here’s an example of an uber-successful Teleseminar Landing Page we recently  hosted:

Make 6-Figures with Tele-Seminars



Here are some free resources to help you get started:

  1. Wix- you can create a landing page here, exactly as you want completely free.
  2. Instapage– also a free way to create stunning landing pages
  3. Landingli – free landing page creator
  4. Mailchimp – your email service provider, free!

3. Thank You Page – Here’s an example of ours too (simple!):

Make 6 Figures in your FLIP FLOPS... with TELESEMINARS


4. The Offer – At the end of the call you’ll want to make your offer.

The advanced way is to offer your program (which would need a checkout page and payment system) and the easier way is to offer a Complimentary Strategy Session with you.

In any case, create the way for your Tribe to take action with you.

It can be as easy as emailing you if they want the Strategy Session!

5. EmailsThe optimal way to make sure your Tribe comes on the call and to know WHO signed up is by capturing their email.

So you’ll need an email service provider to start with and then create these emails for the entire flow of the Teleseminar Campaign. Here are some HOT ideas:

    1. 2 Intros (What this is, What it will give them what they should do)
    2. Reminder Sequence (1-3)
      • Curiosity + What you’ll learn
      • What you’ll learn + Why this is different
      • Why this is important
    3. Follow-Up Sequence (1-3)
      • Social Proof
      • FAQ
      • Inspiring CLOSE

6. Teleseminar Service Providers

    4. Group Skype Call
    5. Google+ Hangout (free!)


That’s IT! So comment below WHY this is exactly what you needed and the topic of YOUR Teleseminar you’re putting on ASAP.

We believe in you and YES, you can totally do this!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

P.S.  You may want to save this Big Impact Kick Ass Formula… this is a 6 Figure System you can use again and again!

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