Are you GIVING Too Much Away In Your Strategy Sessions?

Are you GIVING Too Much Away In Your Strategy Sessions

Mark here and this will strike a deep nerve for you.

At our Bay Area Speaker’s Event the other week, someone from the audience asked this question – and right away you could hear a pin drop.

The question hushed the entire audience, Shannon and I looked at each other and knew how challenging this issue is for the Tribe.

Here’s the question:

“I’ve been getting lots of Strategy Sessions lately, but I haven’t been able to turn them into paying clients.

I feel that I end up giving them too much on the call and just don’t know how to enroll the right people who will end up paying me… what should I do?”

I’m sure you’ve been there.

You’re finally on the phone, excited to soon land a high paying client, you’re giving them your best…and then, ‘click’.

It’s over, no sale, no new client and you’re like, “Huh? Really? I gave them my best, why didn’t they buy?

I just don’t get it…why doesn’t this work for me?”

Not to worry – that’s why the Universe is giving you this Big Impact Newsletter today.

If reading the above story felt like your own personal diary then our HOT strategy will revive your soul like a full-day at the Spa.

There are 3 things you need to understand to enroll someone on a Strategy Session into a High Paying Client.


1. Why They’re On The Phone Now


The reason someone took you up on your free offer for a Strategy Session is because they trust you’ll help them at no risk to them.

They see your offer as an opportunity to solve their specific problem.

If they didn’t feel that you could do that – they wouldn’t be on the phone with you.

So the first thing you need to understand is the nature of this relationship: On their end, you’re a leader they trust to solve their problem, at no risk.

On your end, this is the best way to lead a conversation to enroll them into a client.

This call is NOT meant to solve ALL their problems – that’s the purpose of your program.

Let’s face it, you’ll be able to help them get WAY more transformation over a 90 days or 6 months, vs just a 1 hour call, right?

The purpose of this call is to CREATE THE SPACE where they commit to their change.

That’s it.

They join the call to solve their problem, but the only way to actually deliver that change is through your transformative program.

So the purpose of the call is to create the space for them to commit to it.

So why are you giving too much?


2. Why You’re Giving Too Much


What Shannon and I have seen with our clients, the reason you’re giving too much is usually based on fear.

Fear that if you don’t give them all you have, they won’t want more.

Fear that if you’re not your absolute best they won’t enroll.

Remember the nature of this call.

All you need to achieve on the call is the SPACE for them to commit (check out our 10 steps how to do enroll your client with a Strategy Session here).

When you start to actually deliver your service on the phone – there’s no space for them to commit to their change – you just gave them a ton to chew on.

The purpose of the call is NOT to deliver your service for free.

That is a huge painful mistake our Tribe makes all too often.

Don’t deliver your service – create the space for them to desire it and they’ll enroll.


3. How To Enroll


I referenced above our post on the 10 ways to enroll your next client with a soulful conversation – check it out because it works like gold.

The one thing you need to understand though is that your client will ONLY enroll if they’re filled with desire for change and results.

When you over-deliver on the strategy session, they’re not filled with desire for change and results – they’re filled with information they need to process or actions they need to start taking.

Remember – you’re job is to create the space for their DESIRE to change.

When you do that, they’ll want to work with you!

Trust us, we’ve created a High 6-Figure business with everything you just learned – in a matter of months.

What was your big ‘aha’ moment in this post?

Let us know in the comments below right now.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

P.S. If you’re an existing client and you’d love some support implementing this into your next strategy session, make sure to be on the next Big Impact Support Call.

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