How To Create Your Best-Selling Product In 28 Days or Less

How To Create Your Best Selling Product In 28 Days or Less

Shannon here with the easiest way to create your best-selling product in under 28 days. In fact, this is a question we get asked again and again from our high-end clients.

If done well, this can explode your income and impact in ways you never imagined – so let’s dig in!


The reason too many people make this over-complicated is because they immediately turn their energy and focus to ‘Product’. Instead, never think of Product, only think of ‘Packaged Results’.


When you think in this way, you begin to channel your focus where it needs to go: to your client.


The 4-Step System To Creating A Best-Selling Product


Imagine your client starting out at point A and by the end of your program they’ll be at point D.

Point A is answering what first steps and shifts they need to take to make their first progress.


What does your ideal client need in order to move to Point B? Then Point C?

Finally, what does Point D (or E & F if needed) look like?


Here’s a quick example to wrap your mind around this.


Let’s say you help middle-aged men lose that extra-weight so they have more energy and love their life (instead of being out of shape couch potatoes!)


Point A – Mindset and attitude around food, exercise and energy

Point B – With your new mindset and beliefs, start 5-7 minute workouts, more water with 1 power-shake, mid-day meditation

Point C – Soon enough you’ll be ready for (2) 5-7 minute workouts during the day with 2 power-shakes, evening meditation added

Point D – Start your day with a 25 minute workout + 3 power-meditations

Your program is designed to be a journey from where your ideal client is to where they want to be in 4 weeks from now.

What are the magical destinations they need to get to, step by step, in order to reach their final destination?


Here’s the most effective way to create this and ensure it’s sold well to your adoring Tribe.


You can offer this in your Strategy Sessions as a Free Bonus for signing up for your higher-end service.

Or you can offer it to people who did not end up enrolling with you.


To make the ‘tech side’ of this extra simple, offer a 4-Week Live Training as the program via Teleclass.

Record each training and then bundle all 4 together and sell them as a program.


Simple, right? Just follow the 4-Step System, offer it as a 4 week training (once per week) and use the recordings to re-package again and again (so you’re not constantly starting new programs every 4 weeks – you just offer what you’ve already done).


HOT! There’s no reason you can’t design the outline today and land just a few people to join this program in the next 10 days.

Soon enough, before this month is over – you just exploded your income and impact.


Let us know what’s holding you back from taking action on this right now in the comment section below.

Or if this totally inspired you to create something awesome – let the Tribe know all about your new vision in the comments!


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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