STOP Beating Yourself Up

STOP Beating Yourself Up

Mark here and here’s a brutal truth: Our Tribe of Conscious Business Owners are the kindest souls on earth….when it comes to serving others.

But when we’re not out there changing the world, it’s easy to beat yourself up:


“I should be further along in my business…

“I should be making more money….

“How the hell did Marianne Williamson speak, write books and create a movement so fast, why can’t I be like her?!”

“Why do I only get 10 people to my small Meetup? 

“Why don’t I already have a stadium filled with 1,000 raving fans?”


We say things to ourselves that we’d NEVER say to a client or friend.

Think about it – if a friend came up to you and said they ‘only’ got 10 people to their Meetup, what would you say?

You’d go on and on telling them how fantastic it is, how it’s not about the quantity of the seats but the quality of the transformation – and it’s just not about the numbers…right?

Listen, I used to do this to myself all the time – and then I learned this HOT mantra.

Because let’s be honest – that’s all we’re doing!

And we’d never in a million years do it to anyone else.

Here’s 8 hot mantras to get your “inner game” on… you can say all of them or choose the one that feels best for you.

Use this anytime you even get a hint of self doubt creeping in:


  1. I’m never upset for the reasons I think
  2. There’s no reason to be upset, there’s only reason to celebrate
  3. My [‘small’ win] is in fact a real victory
  4. My [‘small’ win] is contributing to a BIG ripple effect
  5. My [‘small’ win] shows me how much progress I’m making
  6. This victory is a manifestation of my purpose in this world
  7. This victory will attract in even greater and greater victories
  8. This victory is a part of my BIG IMPACT in this world

Wasn’t that a HUGE shift, in just a moment?

Did you feel how your energy totally shifted?

If so then let us know in the comments below (you’re right, that rhymed 🙂 – the whole Tribe would LOVE to hear how this made a positive shift in your energy.


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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