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Shannon here with a burning question for you: Do you ever feel like a robot when you meet a new prospect at a networking event?

Where you see someone who would be perfect and seems like an ideal client you’d LOVE to work with – and you just freeze?  Or you think “ooh, they are the perfect client for me”

Your mind starts racing with heart-thumping thoughts like:

“Ok, what’s my line so they sign up for a Strategy Session?”

“God I hate to sell myself, how do I inspire them to sign up without coming off too sales-y?”

“I need this money, they know it, I shouldn’t even talk to them…”

Clients tell us how they freeze up when a golden opportunity is right in front of them too.

Here’s the best process I know of on earth that turns the freeze into a liberating rush of love and connection.

The entire process is just focusing your mind on 6 words:




When you feel the LOVE of your message and how your entire soul and purpose IS LOVE, there’s no room for self doubt and fear.

The only reason you freeze up is because you’re afraid of the outcome, instead of simply loving the moment of connection.

When you’re worried to say the right line or script or if they’ll sign up – those are simply units of fear – and they do NOT serve you, your message or your BIG IMPACT you’re called to make (let alone your potential client).

Focus instead of loving this invitation from the Universe and let go of your attachment to how it turns out.

When you serve with love, the right person will be attracted to you.

Trust me, it’s how we built close to a 7 figure business spreading our message.

We love our Tribe, love our message and love the Bigger Impact we’re called to make.

And when we do, there’s just no room for freezing up with fear.

You’re heart is too big and so is your message.

Comment below how you turn around your fears, we’d love to hear YOU!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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