Stuck In Tedious Admin Details? Read This Now…

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If you’ve wasted 10 hours in all kinds of Admin stuff the past week, this post will liberate you forever.


Mark here and I have to tell you that our Tribe gets tripped up about this like nothing else.

You probably think that you can’t afford to hire an assistant.

You most likely think that as soon as you start generating some cash you’ll outsource your admin stuff.


Listen, we’re not living in the 1800’s here.

There are so many affordable ways to outsource your key admin and technology tasks that are more affordable than you imagined.

In fact, they’re dirt cheap and completely professional.


Just promise me this, ok?

Don’t just read this and say, “Hmm, didn’t think of that…” – you must take action for the sake of YOUR Tribe.

You have loads of clients and potential clients who would LOVE to see MORE OF YOUR BRILLIANCE.

But they don’t because you’re doing God-knows-what in admin-detail- tedious-land.


Promise me you’ll stop it and use this brilliant strategy in today’s Big Impact Newsletter,

Great, here it is:




Guess what? I just found you a professional Virtual Assistant.

They’ve had experience with over 1,000 clients who all praise their work.

This VA does about anything in ‘Admin-Land’ and is happy to do this work so YOU can do more of what you love and are brilliant at.

Oh, and it took me 20 seconds to find them. Here’s what to do.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Business’ and ‘Virtual Assistant’
  3. Hire this guy

For $5 this awesome man will do 3 hours work of Admin work for you. 3 hours!

Look at all the testimonials 1,012 – this is HOT.

Plus, he has all kinds of options.

A week’s worth for a larger scale project for just $100, etc.

You don’t need to hire some fancy personal assistant who’s experience includes parking Steve Job’s Mercedes and getting Oprah her morning Tea.

Let’s get practical and honest.


The Universe gave us Fiverr.

It shows who has done lots of work, who has happy clients and who can do exactly what you want, anytime of the day, delivered in 72 hours or less for about $5.


Your Tribe deserves more from you and you want to give more.

You know you have way more to give and it’s been super frustrating having to do all the tedious admin stuff.

Well, no more my friend.

Liberate your soul, hire this guy (or someone like him) and go out there and make your Big Impact doing what you love and what you’re brilliant at.

Have you used Fiverr before? Was it awesome? Let the Tribe know what kind of experience you have using Fiverr to help us all manifest our Big Impact in the world 🙂


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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