When They Call You a FAKE

When They Call You a FAKE

Shannon here with a crazy story that just happened at a recent talk we gave on stage.

If you’ve seen Mark and I on stage before – yes, we make sure to have a great time. 

We laugh, we flirt…we rock our talk and the stage.

And if you’ve seen us OFF the stage, you know that we also LOVE to have a great time.

We laugh, we flirt…you know ; )

We invest in ourselves and in our relationship to be as authentic and REAL as we can. 

Which is why we did a double take when this crazy little thing happened the other day.

So we’re on stage, rocking our talk – and afterwards, we’re answering questions in the back of the room.

A woman was waiting to talk to us – so when the crowd diminished, she approached us.

Point blank:

“Are you guys for REAL? Or are you just putting on a show? Are you really like that?”

Mark and I literally did a double take we were so floored by the question.

I thought in the moment though, that as a SPEAKER – this is what you’re going to be up against.

Speakers put themselves OUT THERE

Speakers are COURAGEOUS and willing to be VULNERABLE

Speakers are driven by PURPOSE…which deflates the fear of “not good enough”

So I just replied:

“We do our best – and yeah, we like to have fun – it’s who we are”

Then Mark drew his arm around me, gave me a hug and we both smiled.

The woman smiled back and replied:

“You know, that’s beautiful.

I’m just not used to seeing that kind of loving energy.”

Let me ask you:

“How do YOU deal with TOUGH questions from your Audience?”


Your story and insight will inspire the Tribe – thank you!


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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