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Mark here to help you next time you FREEZE on STAGE.

And yes, even though Shannon and I now speak in front of THOUSANDS of people every year – there was a time, only a few years ago…

When I FROZE on stage… in front of 100 people.

It was a moment of pure, visceral, deep….PAIN.

Did I prepare my talk? Of course.

My problem wasn’t being prepared enough – it was something else.

Like any Speaker starting out, when you need to pay the bills and pray your talk will do it – your talk becomes extremely important to you.

If your talk bombs, your bills are unpaid… again.

Which is the exact reason I froze.

It was too much, too overwhelming – and my body shut down.

Now – in that moment, which feels like eternity – there was a gift of grace.

We never know when or why or how grace comes – but did I need it then, and it came.

I can’t explain why – but my belief, especially now – is that when you’re aligned with a bigger vision of impact beyond yourself…small miracles start to manifest.

So as I stood there on stage frozen – someone laughed.

As in – they thought I was putting on an act.

When that person laughed, which broke the ice in the room – half the room let out a huge laugh!




Nothing is better than getting a laugh, where your audience thinks you’re intentionally being hilarious.

I couldn’t believe it. Literally.

So I stood frozen again – and again, they laughed.

They thought I was half stand-up, half-Speaker.

With all that roaring laughter, I laughed too – and I opened up.

But then the real grace came – because I was speaking to Conscious Business Owners and just said:

“Right? Isn’t that what it feels like when you’re spinning your wheels in your business – like you’re FROZEN?”

At that moment, you could hear a pin drop.

Man was I grateful.

And more importantly – I felt confident that the Universe has my back.

So I want you to feel this boiling in your blood:




You have a Big Impact you’re meant to make in your lifetime.

You’ve gone through hell and back to discover it – and now is your time.

Let me know in the comments if you ever froze on stage, and how YOU turned it around.


We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

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