How to Become a 6 FIGURE Speaker

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Shannon here – to quiet your mind today. 

Because all you want is to share your message on stage…and get paid well for it.

Most Speakers & Experts feel it should take YEARS until they crack the 6-Figure mark.

Guess what?!  THEY’RE WRONG!

As you might have heard – yes, Big Impact Live  is just around the corner (April 22-24) where we go WAY DEEPER into this.

For now – here’s the absolute most important thing to know about becoming a 6-Figure Speaker (fast):


SW + CA = 6 Figure Speaker


Small Wins + Consistent Action = 6 Figure Speaker.

The hardest part, we know, is getting started.

It’s that small stage with just a few people in the audience.

It’s getting just 1 strategy session on Monday.

It’s finishing your “Signature Talk” – before anyone hears it. It’s getting confident about saying, “Yes, that’s $2,000 for my 90 day program”.

As Mark whispered in my ear when we first got started:

“It’s all about the small wins babe”


What’s The SINGLE SMALL WIN you’ll focus on this week to start Speaking Your Path to Cash?


We believe in you,

Mark and Shannon

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