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Mark here with a story I’ve only shared once.

And even when I shared it with Shannon that one time, it was hard for me.


A few years ago – even after I quit my corporate job in branding and started my own conscious business (before I met Shannon) – I was spinning my wheels with my niche and I was scared about speaking.  

I thought “I’m not ready yet…”  “I need to find my niche and my brand first”

Yes, I was meant to speak on stages.

Yes, I had a powerful message that I KNEW people needed to hear.

But it wasn’t the message or my purpose that filled me with fear.


It was the “business” part.


I was filled with all kinds of thoughts every single time I got on stage.

If I offer my program they’ll think I’m a slimy salesman.

If I offer a strategy session – they’ll think I just want to sell on the call.

And worst of all – I thought that as soon as I made some kind of offer, that by being “salesy” it would ruin my message.

And what would I offer?  What is my package?  What’s my REAL message?

So gig after gig I walked away with nothing by compliments.

As inspiring as all those compliments were – they weren’t paying the bills.


And I needed to pay the bills.


So after one gig, I came home and said to myself, “I’ll never be a Speaker.”

Because without an income, I couldn’t have an IMPACT.

That was a number of years ago – and of course I kept on going and wouldn’t give up on my dream.

The big breakthrough of course was following my spiritual path and getting a mentor.

That’s what led me to Shannon and starting our business… and the rest is history!

I couldn’t believe it – we made $400,000 in 10 months… SPEAKING!

At Big Impact Live we show you how you could do exactly the same thing by speaking.

For now, I want you to hold onto your dreams.

Don’t give into the fears or frustrations of spinning your wheels.

Miracles manifested in my life because I stayed aligned and committed to my dream.

And I want you to manifest your dreams as a speaker too my friend.

So leave your comment and inspire the Tribe:


“What inspires you to NEVER give into your FEARS?”



In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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