Turn your failure into power

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Shannon here with a beautiful secret about our failures.

I actually discovered it while talking with Ketut, a spiritual man in Bali.  

He invited us to his home for a private family ceremony and I learned SO much!  


We were sitting outside his home, waiting for his extended family to arrive for the ceremony.  

We ended up getting to the topic of failure.

I mentioned how painful it is for so many entrepreneurs who carry so much PAIN when it comes to FAILING (or frustrated their business still isn’t where they want it to be).


I kept on talking and suddenly noticed – he wasn’t. He listened very deeply as I spoke, which caught me off guard how PRESENT he was with me.


Then, with his sweet eyes – he shared something beautiful with Mark and I:


“Failure is not the right word. Lesson is”


Imagine if every time you felt like saying the word “Failure” you said the word “lesson”.

So, if a friend asks how you’re speaking gig went – and you’re disappointed with how you spoke and say:

“It was a huge failure”

Now you say:

“It was a huge lesson”

Powerful, right? Changing that one word can make a world of difference.

So inspire the Tribe with your genius insight my friend:


“What painful ‘Failure’ can you turn into a new source of power by calling it a ‘Lesson’?”


The Tribe will gain a lot by hearing your story my friend.


We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

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