How to Get More Strategy Sessions

How to Get More Strategy Sessions

Shannon here with a HOT (and super-simple) speaking strategy to get more strategy sessions.

As you know, one of our big “Speaking Secrets” is NOT to sell on stage (like most struggling Speakers).

Instead – give them a Strategy Session for FREE.

We’ve found the best way to enroll clients is through strategy sessions.

Which means…you need MORE Strategy Sessions if you want MORE clients who you can serve with your world changing message.

So here is our HOT and uber-simple way to get more Strategy Sessions:

GIVE THEM AWAY- (to IDEAL Clients of course!)

Next time you meet someone who feels like they’d be a fit for your program at Starbucks or Whole Foods or at your kid’s soccer practice- invite them to get a Complimentary Strategy Session with you.

Yes – you must be speaking more. Yes, Meetups are easy to set up and are ideal with ONLY a few people.

But in-between your small speaking gigs – I know the Universe is sending you a FLOOD of people from your Tribe who are WAITING for a Strategy Session with you.

Be open to those magical moments when simply saying this, in the middle of your day, in the middle of your town, to someone you feel aligned with…will bring you more strategy sessions:

“I’m happy to give you more support over the phone.

Would you be interested in a Complimentary Strategy Session?  I’m available on Tues or TH, which day works best for you?”

Mmmm – that is HOT & JUICY!

How Will YOU Put This Super Simple Strategy Into ACTION This Week?



We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

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