Riding an elephant in BALI


Mark here…riding an elephant with my beautiful bride in the jungle.

I never thought life could be so magically sweet.

I want you to read the following post for one simple reason:

I want you to ride YOUR elephant.



What is YOUR “elephant” you might ask… what are your big goals and dreams?

I want you to have everything you want in life. 

I want YOU to be in a full day spa in Bali.

I want YOU to have homemade banana pancakes & papaya smoothies outside, in front of an infinity pool.


I want YOU to get your ears waxed with a hot candle (not sure why, actually – they say it’s good for you ;).


I want YOU to spend 2 weeks on total break in the jungle… immersing yourself in healing waters.


I want YOU to have and do whatever you WANT for your life.

Now, because of speaking – Shannon and I are living our dream.

We want you to have the same.


In 2016, Shannon and I have become even clearer on our path on how to best serve you.

Our recent trip to Bali and Thailand ignited our mission in exciting new ways.

This year is going to be the  BEST year of our Tribe’s lives.

So get ready my friend – big things are coming…

For now, release your juicy soul in the comments:


“What is ONE HOT TRIP you WANT to manifest in 2016?”


When you master our “Speak Your Path to Cash” system – it will manifest quicker than you think.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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