I felt so embarrassed….

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As a Conscious Business Owners – this might be one of your deeper challenges you’ll need to breakthrough in 2016.

Quick story:

I remember at one of the first Meetups Mark & I put on.

This was already our 4th Meetup and I was hoping to see more butts in seats ;)…. so when I only saw 3 people, I immediately felt…




It wasn’t only feeling embarrassed that only 3 people showed up to our life changing Meetup.

It was for another reason.

And this might be something you deeply struggle with as well.




I envisioned myself in front of tens of thousands, on a huge stage… with that footage being featured on Oprah.

I felt this was my life’s work and an expression of my own soul.

So when 3 people showed up – it felt like a poor reflection of my grander vision.

I felt like the person they were seeing wasn’t who I wanted them to see.

As I expressed this to Mark, he did what he does best: give HOT clarity.

Mark said, “Babe, they don’t want to see you on Oprah or in front of millions…they just want you to help them. All they want is YOU…”

So TRUE!  And here’s WHY Mark was so right on.

Mark brought the focus from “Me” to “We”.

When I’m worried about how I’m seen, it’s a selfish game with lots of pain.

It’s not what we’re here for.

But when I’m focused on serving, on giving, on offering specific solutions to a specific Tribe…. I start to feel the Big Impact we’re releasing in the world.

And nothing is HOTTER than that, nothing.

Be juicy and inspire the Tribe:


How can you shift from “Me” to “We” focused?



We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

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