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When Tony Robbins or Marianne Williamson got started as Conscious Speakers a few decades ago – they had a TON of obstacles we’ll never have.

Shannon here with one of the easiest strategies you and I can do today – that was either impossible or insanely expensive back in the day.

Mark and I call it the “TMP” strategy.

This helps you be seen as an authority for your Tribe… and it takes just 3 seconds to do.

And as simple as this strategy might sound to you – I know you’re not doing enough of it.

The more you do of it – the more your Tribe will see you as their trusted authority who can help them solve their specific challenges.


TMP = Take More Pictures


30 years ago, Tony Robbins either hired an entire staff to take pictures of him speaking…. or had no cool pictures at all.

For us? It’s our phones.

Just ask your friend to take a few pictures of you speaking, with the mic in your hand, chatting with someone on stage after your talk.

Send them in a follow up email or put on your own Meetup page.

There’s a deep psychological connection that your Tribe craves to feel with you. And images help a lot.

Let me know in the comments my awesome friend:


Who will you ask to take a few pictures of you at your next talk?



We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

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