The Best Answer To: “Is This What I’m Supposed To Be Doing?”

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Here’s the hardest question Mark and I get asked:

“Is this what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing?”

After all – God knows how many amazing things you COULD be doing.

You’re filled with so much talent, you have so many ideas and you know you have SO much to give to the world.

So is what you’re doing right now, really what you’re supposed to be doing?

Shannon here with the best answer to that haunting question.

Before I give you the juicy answer, you have to first understand this deep truth about asking yourself questions in general.

Whenever you ask yourself a question – you’ll answer it.

No matter if it’s a dis-empowering question or an empowering question – your mind will start looking for answers.

Which is why you’re having such a hard time answering “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?” – do you know why?

Because this is exactly what your mind does the second you ask it:


“Is this what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing?”

“Well, let’s look at all the things you COULD be doing and then see if it is.”


Right? As soon as you ask the question, you start to look at all the things you could be doing!

Now – let me give you the best answer to this question (so you don’t suffer from overwhelm anymore).

The next time your mind asks you, “Is this what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing?” – change this to a MORE Empowering Question:

How could I serve more people with what I’m doing?

How could I leverage my time more?

How could I make a BIGGER difference?


By asking yourself BETTER Questions… you’ll actually get BETTER ANSWERS!


By using this, you turn ‘uncertainty’ into ‘absolute certainty’ through the frame of purposeful GIVING.

It allows your mind to get RESOURCEFUL and focus on what’s working instead of searching for evidence of what’s NOT working.


So let me know – what’s a MORE Empowering question YOU could ask yourself?


Leave your comments.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark and Shannon

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