Why You’re Too Hard On Yourself

Why youre too hard on yourself

The frustration in not having enough clients…

Or getting the kind of speaking gigs you dream of…

Or enough money at the end of the month…

Has nothing to do with clients, speaking or your income.

But that feeling of frustration is preventing you from enrolling more clients, getting more speaking gigs and enjoying the abundance you deserve.

Mark here – with a deep truth that can change the course of your life.

And I mean it. If you land with me for a moment and tune into the truth I’m about to share with you – you’ll see how it can transform you.

1000% here? Alright – here’s the backstory my friend.




Shannon and I started Big Impact 3 months after we met.

It started when I saw this incredible light in Shannon – and I knew not enough people even knew about her!

Shannon felt the same about me – and we knew we had BIG things to do in this world.

You KNOW that feeling, right? Like a volcano of divine greatness burning with a fiery love, just waiting to erupt and explode.

You’re probably feeling a lot of that kind of burning in you recently, right?

Well – Shannon and I felt exactly like you are.

And with the most awesome fire, we started.

We held a meetup.

In the marketing, scheduling and planning of the meetup – do you know what we were envisioning?

We were envisioning thousands of people there.

We envisioned how it went on for days.

We envisioned how people would be crying their eyes out, laughing their heads off, paying us an enormous amount of money and Buddha himself giving us a standing ovation.

At our first meetup – there weren’t thousands, it didn’t go on for days, no one cried – but yes, we did get a few laughs.

There were only a few people there.

Shannon said to me how she envisioned having way more people there.

And how we didn’t make nearly enough money.

And is this really what we should be doing?

I heard her – because I felt the same.

But I decided that I wouldn’t run that pattern again.

I wouldn’t do it.

Because I knew it was that pattern that would prevent more people from coming.

I told Shannon, “Babe – this was hot. Let’s enjoy what we did do – and hold that vision of more.

But let’s promise each other that we’ll never beat ourselves up.

No matter what – we cannot be hard on ourselves.

Because if we are – we won’t attract what we want.”

Shannon didn’t say a word.

She let out a deep sigh, stared deep into my eyes – and said with pure alignment, “Okay babe, you’re right.

We’ll celebrate every little success we have.”




If there’s anything keeping your clients from enrolling – it’s the conversation you have with yourself after someone says NO.

If there’s anything from promoters not booking you – it’s how you beat yourself up after they say they already have enough speakers.

And my friend – money can’t come to you if you’re busy beating yourself up.

So here’s the truth I want you to hear, feel and inject into your veins:

Never Beat Yourself Up Ever Again.

Look At Yourself How God Sees You – Perfect, Whole & Complete

The entire Tribe would gain a TON from you if you’d share this with us below:


In What Way Are You Hard On Yourself?


We’re all in this together my friend and this is a safe place to be a bit vulnerable.

Trust me – it takes quite a bit of vulnerability to share that story with you.

And it’s true. So share with me, Shannon and the Tribe how are YOU being hard on yourself?

The more we share – the more we can learn, grow and give our greatest impact to the world.


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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