Overwhelmed? Use this ‘G-Spot’ trick


She was overwhelmed staring at the pile of painful bills waiting to be opened on her kitchen table.

She was exhausted, had enough and needed a change.

Her debt, overdue bills and desire for abundance was starting to feel like a constant heart burn.

Which is why my ‘G-Spot’ strategy was the perfect solution when she joined Big Impact University.

She used it – and within a few weeks landed enough clients to practically light her pile of bills on fire.


Here’s My Secret G-Spot Strategy

The ‘G-Spot’ means ‘Goal-Spot’.

It’s something you already know – that wherever you focus your mind, your energy follows.

The stronger the focus, the stronger the energy.

So guess what you start to feel when you’re staring at a pile of bills? T

he energy of debt – and that is NOT serving you.

Which means, all you need to do is to change your focus to something that WILL serve you.

A small, specific but wonderfully exciting goal.

For her – it was being able to hire a personal assistant to do her shopping, clean her home and do her dry cleaning.

(And by the way – it’s not something reserved just for Tony Robbins – hiring a personal assistant is way more affordable than you think).

Guess what energy showed up for her when she just MENTIONED that G-Spot? She was so excited, she couldn’t help it.

And that’s the energy that fueled her ability to land clients into her 6 month high end program. HOT!

I need to emphasize how the G-Spot is not a huge goal out in the distance.

Like buying an island in the pacific or speaking in front of 3,000 people or flying private – because that cannot happen in just a few weeks.

But being able to hire a personal assistant? Using our system – absolutely, that is totally doable within a few weeks.

So let us know:


What Is Your G-Spot To Fuel You Into Empowered Action?

The more the Tribe shares in the comments below, the more people will shift their overwhelm into HOT G-Spot action.

So share your G-Spot below and rock someone’s world.


In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

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