Isolated? Then Get In Bed With THIS

Then Get In Bed With THIS

Shannon here with the most inspiring thing you can do to light your butt on fire with massive action.

And it’s not what you think – because it’s not at all about you.

You see, we’re always getting asked how our Big Impact University students get such ridiculously amazing results, so quickly.

Many going from painful debt to $20,000 months – and some even 6 Figures in less than 6 months.

While we give our clients the most kick ass and practical strategies and systems – there’s a secret weapon we’ve never spoken about before.

And the reason I want to share this with you today is because I want you to share your message in a much bigger way.

It’s time you got paid what you deserve and what you dream about.

It’s time you landed client and after client….who love and adore you and pay you in full.

It’s time you spoke on more stages and took more vacations.

It’s time you made a BIGGER impact with YOUR message – and here’s your secret light-switch:


Get in a Mastermind.


We encourage our Big Impact University students to create small masterminds- groups of 4-5.

Where everyone is safe to be vulnerable, honest, direct and celebrate small wins with each other.

So if you’re feeling isolated – you HAVE to get in a Mastermind.

There’s a collective power in a small group of like minded souls that is priceless.

Here’s a taste how our high end clients celebrate their wins together:

Is that something you’d like to get started in?

We’re happy to let you know how you can create your own Mastermind and see if Big Impact University is right for you.

Email and ask for a Complimentary Speaker Breakthrough Session (valued at $495) to light YOUR butt on fire with life changing results like Kim & Sarah!

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In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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