10 Powerful Steps To Manifest Miracles In Your Life & Business


How do you manifest miracles? It’s hard to admit, but my biggest problem isn’t getting clients. It’s not even making enough money or feeling passionate about my work.

My biggest problem is that I’m afraid.

– I’m afraid that when I talk to a prospect they’ll say no.

– I’m worried that when I’m on stage – people will say it was bad.

– I’m scared that all of this just won’t work…

Mark here – and let me ask you:

Do those thoughts bother you too?

Shannon and I talk a lot how those kinds of thoughts are what kept us from success years ago.

We were both in places that were easier to stay in the pain than risk “putting yourself out there.”

But you know what happened?

We came across this amazing work, “A Course In Miracles” and it changed everything for us.

It says that there are ONLY two emotions that we experience, in any given situation:


And I’d like to share with you a game changing practice we do, based on this teaching, that has made all the difference in our lives and in our business.

This simple practice is what got us to start really showing up.

Where we boldly went out there and created amazing partnerships, had multi-6 figure events, are attracting the best clients in the world and can’t be more grateful for this MIRACLE of a business and life.

Here’s the practice – but please don’t just read this – do it and we promise, Miracles will manifest in your life.


1. Schedule 20 minutes EVERYDAY to Quiet Your Mind

2. During these 20 minutes, begin by closing your eyes, slowing down, noticing your breath and going inward.

3. Take 5 slow, deep breaths.

4. Now, begin to feel the tremendous amount of LOVE you have. Feel it, see it, listen to it. As you feel your love, notice how expansive it is – feel into how powerful it is for you.

5. Then, see how this LOVE is what you want to give in your life – and see yourself giving this love to your family, to your loved ones, to your friends…and clients.

6. listen to how this LOVE permeates the essence of your business and inspires your greater success.

7. Experience how the FEAR is only an illusion, it isn’t true – and you no longer have any fear in your business or life – because you’re overflowing with love.

8. See how today is a new day to take action, moving forward to fulfill your dreams.

9. Lean into this love and sit with it for another moment.

10. Slowly open your eyes, notice how different you feel – and when you’re ready, write down one action to take away from this experience to do today.

I promise you my friend – do this every morning and you will see miracles show up in your business (and you might even want to take more than 20 minutes!)

I know, because more and more miracles keep on showing up in ours 🙂

We’d LOVE to hear how this goes for you – or even share your own “Quiet Your Mind” work. Just comment below and let us know how you’re choosing LOVE over FEAR.

In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

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