Should I just get a J.O.B

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Mark here and let me ask you, have you asked yourself this question recently:

“I’m doing everything right and nothing’s working…maybe I should just get a J.O.B”


Painful to hear – but even more painful when you’re actually considering getting a J.O.B…

Because I have great news for you – YOU DON’T!

Listen, this is one of the main problems we see with our clients, over and over.

So in Today’s blog, you’re going to Discover how to start making serious money so you’ll never think of that 3 letter word again 🙂

Here’s the deal:


Shannon and I have a signature system called “Mining For Gold”.

It’s the program that shows you why you’re not getting the results you anticipate – even though you’re working so hard.

It’s helped our clients finally turn things around to get results, fast.

Here’s one of our most powerful Discoveries that we share more in detail in the full program.

Pay close attention to the next 7 words:

Do your market research before creating anything.


If you don’t laser-focus in on the problems and challenges your tribe is facing – why would they buy from you?

When you find out what your clients want, need, desire, what they’re afraid of, what keeps them up at night and what inspires them at their core – well, you’ve found a gold mine.

With deep market research, you can get inside the hearts and minds of your ideal clients – and when you do, your business will start seeing INCREDIBLE results.

Don’t just take our word for it – our clients have told us that they’ve gone to seminar after seminar, taken course after course – but they only started to make serious money when they learned this secret from “Mining For Gold”.

So if “J.O.B” has crossed your mind recently, or you’re just not seeing results like you envision, here is your action item for today and the rest of this week:

1. Create a Survey

2. Have the survey ask two questions: what are their top 2 challenges they’re facing right now, and anything else they’d like to learn more about?

3. Explain that you’re coming out with brand new and hot trainings that can change their life/business, and you want to tailor make this incredible content to them.

4. Then, offer a gift for anyone who fills out the survey.

5. The gift can be a content-rich video, ebook or audio you have – and then just send it to everyone who filled out the survey

That is something you can do today, send it out tomorrow and within a few days – you have GOLD:

You’ll know exactly what your tribe is hungry for – now create a program around it for sale.

I hope that serves you – and ensures that you’ll never consider a “J.O.B” again 🙂

Leave a comment below how you’ll put these 5 steps to use right away in your business.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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