MLK Speaking Secrets – How To Instantly Calm Your Nerves Before Your Next Speaking Gig

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Alright, let’s just bring it out in the open, like the pink elephant in the room: You’ve been following our Big Impact blog for a bit… You see how speaking is the #1 way to grow your business FAST and have a BIG Impact


And it so happens that speaking FREAKS you OUT.

Just imagining yourself speaking in front of a group makes you sweat and want to crawl back under the covers.


My friend – there’s a true secret to calming those “speaking nerves” of yours – but first, some good news:


You are NOT alone. In fact, every single speaker gets “butterflies in their tummy” before they get up on stage  (yes, even the top speakers in the world).

What do you think Martin Luther King Jr was experiencing before he gave the “I Have a Dream Speech” in front of the entire world?

He wasn’t kicking back, reading the newspaper backstage and someone said, “Um, Dr. King – you’re on now” and he just got up and said, “Cool…”

Nope. Do you know what he did?



Dr. King, like all great speakers, asked this ONE thing before ever going on stage.

(And it doesn’t matter whether it’s in front of 3 people or 3 Billion…)


Dr. Martin Luther King asked “WHY?”


  • Why am I here?
  • Why did God or the Universe send me?
  • Why are people listening to me?

The ONE thing powerful speakers do is deeply know their WHY.

MLK Speaking Secrets - Mark & Shannon Live


The nerves are the “What”:


What will I look like?

What will people think?

What will happen if I’m not good?


Remember the nerves that make you want to crawl back into bed? They’re asking ‘What’.

While every speaker feels nervous – the nerves of the “Why” are invigorating, energizing and make you feel ALIVE.

When your WHY is bigger than your FEAR, it calls you forth…. and when you make it about THEM and less about YOU – that’s your WHY:


You Can Take Control & Unleash Your SOUL’s MESSAGE To The World.


Because the deepest WHY is that the world needs your special message.

The world is hungry for authentic, compassionate leaders who take a stand and make a bigger difference.

So don’t let your “What” keep you in bed… get clear on your WHY and unleash your soul’s message.

And if there’s a friend you know who’s “What” is overtaking their “Why” – help them out and share this blog post with them – they’ll probably hug and kiss you profusely (always a good thing).


Comment below what your big ‘aha moment’ was when reading this post.

We’d love to hear your awesome insights!

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Mark & Shannon

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