Our First Date

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Like a bullet shot into my heart, it felt like I was about to die.

Unable to pay my rent, struggling to keep up with the pile of bills – I felt dead.

Even though I had so much to give.

I didn’t need a lot – I just needed a start. But where, how?

Shannon here and man, that day I thought it was just all over.

It wasn’t that I felt sorry for myself – it was much worse.

I felt SO much emotional pain that I was too numb to feel sorry.

And on New Years Eve none the less.

The last thing I felt like doing was going to a party…how could I?

My girlfriend kept calling to get me to come with her – but I couldn’t answer the phone…

So I took a moment, pressed pause on my circumstances and opened my heart to God, to Source, to the Universe.

(Do names really matter? I needed help and it wasn’t going to come from me or a seminar or a course!)


I needed my heart to open up again.


I needed to pray.

So I closed the blinds, turned off the lights and lit a candle.

I closed my eyes and sat in complete darkness… inside of my room and inside of my soul.

Then, before I began to pray – I just quieted my mind.

In that moment, I let go of everything. I suspended all my beliefs…

Except for just one.

I turned that one belief into my prayer and I offered it to Source:


“I now let go and open up to the source of all.

I put my my soul into your hands.

Please give me wisdom and courage.

Please give me love and power.

So that I may share it with others.

Please guide me to meet those who will support me on my journey.

Please send a miracle on my path,

So I can give what I’m meant to give.

And help who I’m meant to help.

And be who I’m meant to be.

I now unleash my soul to the entire universe.

And open my eyes to a brand new day of love and miracles.

To make the impact I’m called to make…

And so it is…”

I allowed that prayer to flow from me and let it wash through me.

When I finished, I felt open. I felt good. I felt…


I answered my girlfriends call.

Later that night she picked me up and we went to the party.

And from across the room like in a movie, I saw my prayer’s miracle answer.

I felt something open up when our eyes met.

He soon came over and in a magical moment, I knew my life was about to change.

And wow – did my life change. Because I met my miracle.

That’s was the night of my FIRST DATE with Mark!

Over the next two years, Mark and I have built a 7 figure business from scratch, are engaged to be married, attracted an amazing team that supports our bigger vision and have impacted 1000’s and 1000’s of lives.

So my friend, if you’ve ever felt hurt, stuck and overwhelmed with all the obstacles that stand in your path – remember the belief that inspired my prayer:




And sometimes you need the right prayer to help manifest that miracle.


Let’s inspire the Big Impact Tribe together and share your wisdom in the comments below to this one question:


How have YOU manifested a miracle?


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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