The Yoga of Live Events

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My thigh was burning, my arms reached way past my neck until I could NOT stretch any further.

But Shannon said two words and then I did it:

“Go deeper…”

The burning got much stronger and my whole body was on fire… so I breathed and just kept going.

3 minutes later we were done…sweating, panting, exhausted, done.

And it felt like…


I’ve spoken a lot this past year on just how much Yoga means to me and how much it has changed me.

There are many secrets of Yoga that have not only expanded me – but also exploded our business.

So after that juicy Yoga session, drenched in my own sweat and bliss, I had a hot idea.

“Shannon – I got it.”

“What babe?”

“This is how we’re doing our Live Events from now on.”

“What do you mean?” Shannon asked.

“We’re taking our Tribe much deeper in our live events.

It’s through live events that we can have an even bigger impact… It’s through live events that we met… It’s through live events that the transformations our Tribe is seeking actually happens… It’s through live events that real miracles occurs…


In order heal… they have to feel… and only by doing that deeper ‘stretch’ will they get the clarity they really need”


“And you know Shannon, with the success of our business, we are ready to take our clients even deeper.”

“Hot babe! I mean, that’s what we do already, so taking them deeper will get them even better results- they have to go deeper to get what they want. Love it!”

Look, if you want to spread more of your message and see it impact 100’s, 1000’s and even millions of lives – you’re not going to get there until you go deeper…

Go deeper, stretch beyond where you’re at right now…  you can do this… we believe in you.

It’s when you do that extra push and stretch – that you find an explosion of clarity.

So comment below by answering this one question:


What ‘stretch’ are you committed to in order to make your Big Impact in the world?



In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

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