How Your Center Is Your Answer

How Your Center Is Your Answer

Smoke this, now:

You’re on it, at this moment…and it’s killing you.

It poisons your thoughts and darkens your heart, as we speak.

But it’s not your fault.

We’ve been taught since we were children to inject it into our veins.

Listen, I used to be an addict too.

Mark here and of course I was doing what you’re doing.

I also injected fear into my veins.

Injecting the fear that I couldn’t make a career as a Speaker.

Fearful of what others would think of me and simply afraid I wasn’t good enough.

Shannon and I did a ton of work on this – because we’re both recovering fear addicts.

Now we smoke something else.

First thing in the morning, before a meeting, before we get on stage, after we get on stage and we do it together with our entire team every Tuesday at 11am.

This is what drives our entire business:




That deep sense of calling is what melts away all our smallness, scarcity and fear-injections.

Tuning into YOUR calling is what will drive you to make YOUR impact – no matter how many obstacles you’re facing right now.

Center yourself in your greater impact and calling and watch the fear-injections melt quickly into the high of purposeful inspiration.

Comment below and let the Big Impact Tribe know:




WAIT – Did you just feel the fear-injection you just shot yourself up with? Just from thinking to answer that one question?

Well that’s the point – you might be a fear-addict like we were.

It’s time to come clean my friend.

I know your comment can inspire someone who might be filled with fear right now too.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark and Shannon

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