An EASY Way to 3x Your INCOME this Month

An EASY Way to 3x Your INCOME this Month

Shannon here with THE strategy to radically change how you earn money.

If you’ve been helping people with your message and you’re still struggling to have the lifestyle you know you deserve – this will change everything for you.

After helping thousands of clients, from all over the world – Mark and I have seen the patterns of Conscious Business Owners.

There’s a specific pattern that leads to helping a lot of people – but not getting paid well for your services.

And if you think not making real money isn’t important – that might be an indicator why you’re not making a lot of it.

Which is why today’s HOT strategy can make a big difference in your life my friend!




Too many Conscious Business Owners KNOW their message & gifts can absolutely change the life of their clients.

BUT – they don’t offer a way to help them long term.

Here’s exactly what I mean.

Let’s say you’re on a strategy session, talking to a potential client.

It comes time for you to make your offer – and your offer is for weekly coaching sessions at an hourly rate.

How on earth can you give your client lasting transformation with a ‘weekly session’? Thinking ‘by the hour’?

Here’s how to think bigger about your impact with your message: Offer a long term package at a flat rate.

Like a 6 month package at $5,000.

That way – you’re helping your client by serving them for 6 full months.

AND – all you need is 2 clients to have a $10,000 month.

Meaning – if you can sell 4 of them – you just earned $20,000 a month!

Now you’re goal and focus becomes “how can I sell 4 packages a month?”

How SIMPLE is that? Which is why the ‘long term package’ strategy can easily triple your income, this month.

So let me know my divinely awesome friend:


How Are You Feeling About Packaging Your Services?  Are You Excited… Is There Fear Coming Up?


I’m challenging you with this post. Will you do it?  Let me know in the comment below.


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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