Get Present

It’s time we centered ourselves on our incredible selves for a moment.

Are you with me?

Shannon here – and let’s take a moment to be centered.

So this week is even more blessed with the opportunity, abundance, new clients, and increasing our big impact in
the world.

One of the great pains we live with is choosing to focus on where we’re NOT, instead of enjoying what we’ve GOT.

In this busy world of being an Entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming sometimes.

It can be easy to look at what you’re MISSING or LACK vs how amazing you are and all the resources around you.

You’ve come a long way from 10 years ago.

You’ve made incredible progress since 3 years ago.

And 1 year ago?

You’re making miracles my friend – so let’s take a moment to feel it:


1. Go Back


Take yourself back to a few years ago.

Feel how much you’ve learned since then.

Lean into how powerfully you’ve grown.

Take this moment to appreciate your greatness. Read that sentence again.


2. Feel Now


With the miraculous and magical context of where you find yourself at this very moment – be here right now.

For a moment, understand that you don’t need more clients, more money, or more speaking gigs.

At this moment, you don’t need to ignite a movement or leave a lasting legacy.

At this moment, touch the feeling that all you need is what you have right now.

And whatever happens – at this moment, listen to how you’ve already achieved it.


3. Bless Tomorrow


Release everything that needs to get done.

Let go of everyone you need to speak with.

Ignore the changes you need to make.

In this moment, just send a blessing to tomorrow.

Soon enough, you’ll look back on this year – and it will feel like forever ago.

Bless tomorrow – and there’s no rush to get there.

It already loves you and it will meet you at the perfect moment.

Mark and I started Big Impact only a few years ago – from absolutely scratch.

We’ve made incredible progress – and can you believe it… even millions of dollars.

We’ve helped thousands of people and met the most incredible people in the world.


Comment Below: What is ONE Thing You Have TODAY That You Feel You’d NEVER Be Able To Manifest Just a Few Years Ago?


You’ll get there too my friend – that’s what we’re here for. So for now, let’s feel how far you’ve already come.

Because you are greatness. You have a big calling.

And you WILL manifest it. Let’s make sure to enjoy the journey.


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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