How Do You Turn Pro and Stop Dabbling?

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Why are some speakers making 6-Figure incomes and others are still struggling?

It can’t just be “strategy” or working hard – because plenty of broke speakers are working hard, using lots of strategies.

And then it came to me – with the help of a cirque de soleil contortionist:

Mark and I went to see cirque de soleil the other night in San Fransisco.

We were really happy to go out, spend deep time with each-other – and watch these guys do the impossible.

As I sat there watching the performers twist and turn their bodies into jaw dropping positions….I thought:

“Wow, these are people who have made the decision to “Go Pro”….

As a speaker and a conscious business owner – you’re always in front of two tracks:

The track of “Going Pro” and the track of “Dabbling”.

This is the deeper reason why so many speakers just can’t get traction – they’ve never made the decision to “Go Pro”.

These performers made the decide that everyday they’d practice, train and go out and perform on stages.

They’re not “Dabbling” – staying up late, drinking alcohol or spending time in things that are not growing their business.

So for this week, here’s our vision for you:

Turn pro in your business. Make the decision to stop dabbling and live a life on the mastery track.

When you do, you’ll be amazed at what shows up!

This is something we train our top clients on – and what’s helped them bring in $10-30K months.

(…more on how our clients have been “killing it” with our trainings – coming soon 🙂

Share this post with someone you know who needs some love to ‘Turn Pro’ – they’ll hug you for it.

And leave a comment below how you might have struggled with ‘Turning Pro’ – the whole tribe would learn a lot from your story.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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