How to get anyone to say YES with this ONE sentence

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Recently Mark and I hosted the Bay Area Speakers Meetup.  It was HOT!

Towards the end, after the dancing and hugging – someone came up to us and asked:

“What you guys have done in less than a year is mind-blowing…. how did you do it? I mean, I have no idea how to get people to say YES to my offerings, let alone get to Multiple 6 Figures!”

One of the secrets to “getting past no” that we discovered early on was this.

You see, “yes” and “no” are only words for, “you can help me” and “I’m not confident you can help me.”

It’s really that simple… and that deep.

The way to get people to say YES to you and your offers is to really know your ideal client’s problems.

The more clearly you articulate their pains and why you’re the Trusted Authority to solve them – the more your prospects will say YES to you.

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In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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