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How To Purposefully Answer

This is a question we get over and over from the Big Impact Tribe:

“People ask me what I do? And I just don’t know what to answer! Help!”

You have such a powerful message that it feels impossible to distill to a few words, right?

You’re filled with such desire to make a difference in the world, how do you boil that down into a tweetable?  Or a 30 sec infomercial?

This is a real problem our Tribe deals with day in and day out. No more…

Shannon here, and today I’m going to give you two simple scripts to use the next time someone asks you, “So what is it that you do?”

Mark and I struggled with answering this question for way too long.

Sometimes it was hard to say anything?

What do you say? I’m a speaker? I change the world? How exactly do you answer what you do so you work with purpose?

The Purpose Script


Here is the ‘Purpose Script’:

“I help [x specific group of people] who are struggling with [y specific problem ] get [z specific result].”

– Or –

“I help [x specific group of people] get [y specific result].”

Man is that hot… and completely SIMPLE.

Here’s a few examples…

We help Speakers get more speaking gigs.

If you helped women attract their soul mate, you could answer:

“I help single moms attract their soul mate who their kids will love too”

The Solution Script


Here is the ‘Solution Script’:

“You know how [x specific group of people] is looking for [y specific solution]? I solve that. I do this by [z benefit] without [v problem]”

So, let’s say you’re a Speaker or Conscious Business Owner struggling in your business.

And you came up to Mark or myself and asked us what we did?

Using the ‘Solution Script’ we’d answer:

“You know how Speakers are looking to monetize their message? We solve that.

We do this by showing them how to make $10K in just 10 minutes of stage time with gigs in their own backyard.”

Notice how we framed “backyard” and “10 minutes” as the pain people see.

Either thinking that it will take too long or they have to fly across the country to make money as a speaker.

So in our script, we show people how to monetize their message in a short amount of time without having to really go anywhere.

By the way, if that sounds like you – you MUST come to Big Impact Live.

That is our flagship event where you’ll learn how to make $10,000 in just 10 minutes of stage time in your own back yard.

Plus, you’re going to get a TON more ‘step by step scripts’ to help you spread your message and double your business in just a few short weeks.

The Next Time You’re Asked…


So the next time someone asks you what you do – understand the opportunity to spread your message.

Now you have step by step scripts that help spread your message in a way that inspires people to ask more about it.

These scripts ignite a desire within your Tribe to go deeper with you.

Imagine if someone in your Tribe heard you say this.

They’d say, “WOAH, I’ve been looking for someone like you!”

So please leave a comment below of a time when someone asked you what you do and you either didn’t know what to answer or you blew them away with your answer!

And do me a favor? If there’s someone you know who struggles saying ‘what they do’ – please forward this post to them. It will make their day 🙂


In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

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