Crazy CHALLENGE for you

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Shannon here with a CRAAAZY challenge for you.

Challenges are one of the HOTTEST ways to get your ass moving.

If you’ve had any problem getting more Speaking gigs and you want to get more fast – this challenge will rock your world:

Make a small outline of the main actions you need to take to get more speaking gigs:

– Contact people in your world who lead groups and gatherings
– Start your own Meetup Group
– Follow up with potential clients

…write it all down and show it to your spouse/ partner/ lover.

Tell them that any day you don’t make progress in one of those areas – no touching.

No hugging, kissing, touching – and definitely not sex.

But on the days you do make PROGRESS… watch out! You get EXTRA lovin!

They’ll get excited by the idea – and it will inspire the hell out of you to start taking more action as a Speaker.

Let me know in the comments:

What will you do THIS WEEK to Get More Speaking Gigs?

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