when I got DIVORCED

when I got DIVORCED

Mark here with a vulnerable story about when I got divorced.

I want to share this with you for a deep reason.

One of the most difficult parts of growing your conscious business is when you’re still starting out…and “life” gets in the way.

A painful situation in your life can make you feel it’s impossible to attract clients and grow your business.

There’s too much pain to be able to take inspired action.

Which is exactly what happened to me.

Years ago, when I was in the midst of getting divorced – I felt the weight of the world on my shoulder.

It was hard to get up early.

It felt too heavy to put myself out there and speak.

I felt like I had nothing to give – it was all just too much.

When you feel like that – it’s like an elephant sitting on your heart, and you can’t even breathe.

Which is exactly how I felt.

And then I discovered an amazing way to make that elephant feel like a feather:

By focusing on the IMPACT I was meant to have in this world.

When you’re in such pain that it’s hard to breathe – that means that you’re also focused on the pain.

The secret is to start focusing on your IMPACT.


The DIFFERENCE you can make in OTHER PEOPLE’S lives.

When you envision your IMPACT, your body feels differently.

Your breathing opens up, your blood rushes and you feel exciting, happy and alive.

Because it’s what you’re here on earth to do.

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What happens to YOU when you focus on your Big Impact?

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