Use these 4 VOCAL TONES in your next Strategy Session

Use these 4 VOCAL TONES in your next Strategy Session

Mark here with a HOT way to rock your strategy sessions.

I’m sure you know, that especially on the phone – how you use your VOICE makes all the difference in the world.

If you sound “fearful” when you mention the price of your hot, juicy program – it will convey all the OPPOSITE emotions that lead your potential client to enroll.

So here are 4 Vocal Tones to use in your Strategy Sessions to ENROLL MORE CLIENTS:

  1. Happy Enthusiasm – this is the perfect way to START the call.
  2. Slow and Deep – when you want to really emphasize something, like a turning point in your personal story or have them feel the cost of “not” working with you – by speaking slowly and deeply, it causes them to focus better.
  3. Casual – when you’re asking questions about their challenges, desires and story that would otherwise feel potentially “intrusive” – they’ll feel more comfortable opening up to you.
  4. Shock and awe – when you talk about the results you’ve achieved, say it in awe and shock. This makes you feel more human and trustworthy – instead of possibly arrogant when talking about your rocking success.

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